Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A leaking ceiling is no funny business, especially if the leaking party is my unit! Oh dearie :-(

This has happened before but it was a false alarm or so we hoped coz it kind of stop and the neighbour downstairs stopped complaining, then this morning my mom had this knock on the door and “alamak” it the man from downstairs – if it’s the lady from upstairs then she won’t panic because the “amoi” probably only wants her t-shirt or her shorts that had fallen from her drying area into ours – but the neighbor from downstairs, now that is something to panic about! And true enough, it’s the same problem except now his ceiling is already quite wet and his cornices are falling off – (somehow that don’t sound right..lolz)..Anyway, lucky for me HDB has a very good and very comprehensive website so I was able to explain to my mom what to expect and what to do.

Hmm.. perhaps I need to make a trip back to the homeland ;-)

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