Monday, August 13, 2007

Here are some natural ingredients for your beauty regime…

  1. Use lemon to lighten age spots or mix with equal amount to create toner that will effectively remove soap residue
  2. Apply full-fat plain yogurt and apply all over face to remove dead cells. Let set for 10 minutes
  3. For oily skin, remove a tomato’s skin and using cotton ball apply the squishy innards to clean face. Leave for 15mins then rinse with warm water. Tomatoes contain oil absorbing acids which exfoliate the skin naturally.
  4. Soak cotton ball in warm salt water and press it on a pimple to dissolve the head.
  5. Use olive oil to treat damaged cuticles
  6. Vanilla extract can be used in your bath as aromatherapy while salt in your bathwater can sooth muscles
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