Friday, August 17, 2007

I used to love to dance. In fact if I think about it, I still love to dance. I remember going dancing with colleagues and friends back in Singapore till the wee morning when I was younger (hmm I sound so old don’t I) The body swaying to the music, singing along with the band – ahhh those were the days ;-)..

Recently though in Malaysia, a new trend has emerged. The belly dancing. My SIL’s friend took it up and she performed at one of her company’s function and she was good. Then I was chatting with an online friend of mine – that has quickly turned to be off-line friend as well – that she took up belly dancing for a while now and has even performed for her family and close friends fully geared up with the costume she got from ebay..I went WHOOOOAAA! Awesome!. She sent me a video of her dancing although she did say she sue me if I post it here! Lol!!!

Anyway, this trend is sort of growing on me. Hmm, now I need some guts to sign up.. Anyone game??

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