Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Obviously it does to some employers or those cheeky ones that it.

A friend of mine who recently returned to Singapore from a short stint in Bangkok is currently looking for a job. She attended an interview this afternoon for a part time position and was told that she was over qualified (although the position had actually requested for someone who has experience). However, as the interview progressed the male interviewer who is obviously the owner as well, owned up that he was actually looking to find a younger girl to fill the position and he would not mind if the younger (and prettier) girl did not have as much experience as he will “helped” her.

Lucky for this chap, my friend found his words and expression quite comical and actually had to put up a straight face because when he told her of his requirements he had a “kodak moment” kind of look going on…if it were me… hmmm not sure what would have happened to him though.

Sigh… such is life… toughen up gurlfriend. If you’re reading this.. good luck on your job search ya…

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