Saturday, September 29, 2007

I have always been a tea person. I hated the bitterness of coffee and always dreaded the moment when I am served the beverage when I’m a guest somewhere. With “Teh Tarik*” and “Teh Halia*” who needs anything else? Right?… Wrong!

I discovered StarBucks, Coffee Bean and the likes of them. And then, I’m hooked. What with Cappuccino, Mochacino and all the other “cino(s)”, I could not get enough. That’s the start of the Coffee vice. I just got to have it daily. One in the morning to start my day, one in the afternoon after lunch and a cuppa after dinner. And nope, I’m not one of those that can’t sleep after my caffeine. Don’t believe me? Watch me have my drink and see me snore in the next hour or so…heheh.. drive my mom nuts….heheh

Since I can’t afford to hang out all the time at Starbucks and the other joints, to economize, I always look for those three, four or even five in one coffee mix. They are so easy to make. Just boil water and you have a delicious coffee latte in seconds. Yummy…

But you know who makes the best coffee? My darling hubby, that’s who! He makes it with just the right bitterness, the right sweetness and the right creaminess.. plus… with lots and lots of love…

Cheerio folks ;-)

Teh Tarik = White Tea done the traditional way (you just got to have it)
Teh Halia = Hot White Tea with Ginger

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