Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Home improvements can be a drag sometimes. I especially hate the mess while the work is going on. However, and I must stress this, I LOVE home improvement work when it is done right as the home will be completely transformed and it’s like having a new house minus the move!

A friend of mine had the right idea when “extending” her house. She added a conservatory which was just beautiful that I fell in love with the idea as well. It might just be the thing to do with our house (when we get one, that is).

Anglianhome.co.uk has very nice selections with a variety of era range. I mean, who would not fall in love with this design?

with the interior looking like this?

Ahh simply beautiful.. and with their ten years warranty and with more than thirty-six years of experience, the pricing is definitely a bargain.

How I wish they have a branch here..heheh

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