Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My hubby was people watching today from the office window when he called out to me to see this father (or was it grandfather) with a child of probably three on a leash.

I was impressed. I always thought it was a good idea to have that kind of control on a roving toddler. I mean, it will give them freedom to roam free but yet we have total control of how far they can go. It is a definite “must-have” gadget if ever I have kids.

With so many sick minded people around, we need to protect our children even more nowadays. Look at poor Nurin (Alfatihah). The kid was just eight. The future that she might have had. I hope they catch the bastard fast and send him to the gallows – and that is being kind!

Back to the leash-ing business though, I know some of of you parents out there might see it as a negative thing. You might even think I’m crazy to want to put my kids (when and if they materialise, InsyAllah) on leashes like a dog. Look at this way, I rather see them on a leash then having to page for them at a shopping complex simply because I am “scared” of what other people might say. I saw the looks on some mothers’ faces and the way they were shaking their heads as they see that kid on the leash but I salute the guardian as he totally ignored the look of disapproval on their faces. What’s important is the safety of the child not what other people think. Kudos to you Uncle :-)

In conclusion, kids on leash works for me. Does it work for you?

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