Thursday, September 27, 2007

I have a new blogger friend, Trinity. Yeh, yeh!!! Lolz. She’s the owner of several blogs, just like me, and she’s has a contest giveaway happening in conjunction with several special events going on this few weeks in her life, like;

* Sept 25th, is our wedding anniversary and Clifford’s 2nd birthday. (wow double celebration.. woottt)
* Oct 3rd, is our niece Melody’s 2nd birthday. Melody is my sister’s daughter.
* Oct 7th, is my eldest son Clement’s 7th birthday.
* Oct 14th, is my mom’s 56th birthday and my sister’s 7th wedding anniversary. (another double celebration..another woooott)

Wow, Trinity, busy busy…eating that get those carbo blocker girl!

By the way, would love the Rattan Bag girlfriend ;-).. thank you ahh..

Trinity Contest Giveaway

Anyone can join this wonderful contest. What are you waiting for?

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