Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh dear! This post is sooo outdated but I thought I document here anyway for my own reference and serve as a reminder to yours truly to read the newspaper more often to keep me updated of news back in the homeland.

And so the story goes….

Wayyyyyy (see the emphasis on the time frame??) back on 25 May 2007, it was reported that a tornado water spout was seen on the eastern part of Singapore. According to the report from Channel NewsAsia, it was seen around 2.30pm and lasted for 15minutes! The waterspout could be seen in several areas including Chai Chee, East Coast Park, Suntec City and Potong Pasir. It also seemed that this was not the only occurrence. Last August, a waterspout was also spotted off the coast of Sentosa Island.

See the video here

In a country when natural disasters almost never happened, this is really scary stuff although according to the National Environment Agency (NEA), waterspouts are not rare as there are actually several sightings each year and they are the result of intense thunderstorms.

Hmm… still scary stuff to me…

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