Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I was over at Marzie’s blog and saw this cute test that she took in conjuction with Halloween. It looked like fun so I did the test as well… and jeng jeng jeng…

Your Monster Profile

Omega Professor

You Feast On: Hot Dogs

You Lurk Around In: Swamps

You Especially Like to Torment: Lawyers

heheh… I do love hotdogs.. but torment lawyers… that’s new…heheh.. any lawyers in da house??

Halloween Glitter Graphics

Happy Halloween everyone!!


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Check out these two young kiddies. They are my friends, P’s and M’s daughters, 2year old (Fira) and 4year old (Myra). We were at F’s Hari Raya open house on Sunday and he has his very own jamming studio. Hubby was on guitar, M on drums and P was on bass. Then the two kiddies came in and Fira wanted to be on dad’s lap on the drum and Myra decided she was gonna be the singer..So cute :) ..

Myra and Fira


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Me and hubby were having breakfast this morning at the mamak shop and suddenly we had this stray cat that was too over-friendly paid us a visit at our table. He hopped onto the chair beside me and next thing I know he was sitting on my lap, acting like he belonged there all the time. When he got tired of me, he went over to my hubby and sat on his lap!.. I guess we are officially cat mama and papa…lolzz..


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Another day.. another we go :-).. I was tagged by Melody…who wants me to list down answers to all these questions…hehehe

Seven things about me:
witty, jovial, loving, responsible, smart (hehe), stubborn and shy

Alphabetical Survey

A – Age: 38 and getting younger

B – Band Listening To Right Now: Sugarland

C – Career: Blog Maniac
D – Drink or Smoke: Drink coffee.. no smoke (asthma lahh)
E – Easiest Friends To Talk To: Long time best friend SO
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: What??
H – Have a Boyfriend: Blissful in marriage heaven
I – In love: 200%
J – Junk Food You Like: Donuts
K – Kids: Hoping for a miracle
L – Longest Ride Ever: Our family ride from KL to Perlis… so longggg…
N – Names For Your Future Kids: Don’t want to jinx it lah
O – One Wish You Have Now: Kids
P – Phobias: Lizards..yikes
Q – Favorite Quote: Be Good or Be Good at IT
R – Reasons To Smile: My Life, My Family, My Friends
S – Sleeping Hours: Sleep? What’s that?
T – Time You Woke Up: Did I sleep??
U – Unknown Fact About You: I’m actually a shy person..heheh
V – Vegetable You Hate: I hate Veggies.. Period!
W – Worst Habit: I talk too much
X – X-rays You’ve Had: When I was 14yrs for TB.. long story.. false alarm
Y – Yummy Foods: Anything spicy
Z – Zodiac Sign: Pisces


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As much as I love shopping for myself, I also love shopping for hubby darling. And since he himself hates that particular activity, I’ve taken it upon myself to do the shopping for him every opportunity I get.

This time, I was looking around for a new pair of jeans for my main man and my latest find is these great looking nudie jeans from Tobi’s nudie range., in case you don’t know, is the next generation online shopping experience with always the latest fashion in tow and at reasonable prices as well. They even have an online stylist to help you choose what is best for you. What could be better right? Really awesome.

Anyway, back to the nudie jeans, made in Italy, they come in a variety of cut and finish. There was the “Grim Tim Skinny Jeans”, “Slim Jim Skinny Jeans, “Thin Finn Skinny Jeans” and the “Regular Ralf Straight Leg Jeans”. I was so spoilt for choice that I had to keep clicking on the pictures to see which one would probably suit hubby better.

Since I was there, I made a slight detour to the women department and checked out their seven for all mankind women’s range (I mean it won’t be fair to me if I don’t…lolz).. and check this out.. I’m in love…


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Just look at this picture.. Each member of the family is smiling despite the cramped bed and the shared blanket, they still made room for their dog and cat. The leaking roof? No problem.. there’s always that handy umbrella.

I call it “Perfect Bliss”….

The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.


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I love watching the show Nip/Tuck. One, because of Julian McMahon (such a gorgeous man) and two because of the stories being told weekly are stories which I would never heard of if not for the show. Imagine using the tip of your toenail to help create sensations for a sexually mutilated woman or using another part of your body to re-create your damaged lips! Such is the wonder of cosmetic surgery. And of course there’s their famous Liposuction Surgery. The two doctors make it look so easy – almost glamorous.

Which brings me to one question. Would you ever consider Liposuction? It sounds like an easy procedure – a tiny incision is made in the skin with a hollow metal tube and that breaks up the fat beneath the skin. The fat is then removed using a syringe or vacuum pump. That being said, it must be pretty painful recovery process and since my tolerance for pain is very, very low, I say “thank you” but “no thanks” :-)


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I’ve been awarded these two wonderful awards from my blog buddy Trinity. The first is related to her “Thank you for your friendship” post and the second in conjunction with Halloween

Thanks so much Trinity. These awards are very much appreciated and I shall display them proudly at my Awards Corner :-)


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I’ve always loved to travel but finding bargain holidays nowadays is not an easy feat anymore. Everything is so expensive. Airfare, accommodations and food can already be a drain on the wallet. Then there’s shopping and inland transport for sight-seeing to allocate for.

That’s why sites that offer economical holidays are so welcomed. Sites like Holiday Hypermarket not only offers cheap flights but also bargain holidays to a million locations of your choice. From summer to winter packages from Spain to Switzerland, you can even book last minute. If you are the free and easy kind like me, you probably would love the “build your own holiday” package.

I guess I’ll be packing my bags soon…;-)

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After what seems to be an eternity, page rank is finally being updated today. I know, I know, people say why bother right.. Well.. I do bother.. coz now.. when I’m looking at my payperpost opportunities, instead of a measly 2 or 3 opportunities, I see 27!. Yeap 27!.. I’m on cloud nine.. now all that wishlist that come true faster lahh….

Results are in:

LadyJava’s Lounge
= 2
Make Money with LadyJava = 3
Being Woman = 4 (very surprised at this one)
Cat Tales = 4 (surprised at this one too )

What’s yours??


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Just some celebrities news people.

ERRA FAZIRA & ENGKU EMRAN tied the knot on 25 October 2007. Erra, in case you don’t know was a former Miss Malaysia who turned singer and actress.

Here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure..

More pictures can be found here


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I was in a spring cleaning mode yesterday and as I was unpacking the numerous boxes that I have brought over from Singapore seven years ago, it dawned on me that I have tonnes of stuff that I could sell. There’s novels from back when I was in secondary school. There’s appliances that I probably used once or twice and there’s even some blouses with price tags still attached! I was a compulsive shopper before but I like to think that I have changed now although hubby might have a different opinion of that.hehehe..

Anyway, back to my massive collection of stuff, what can I do it? Or the question to ask would be what will I do with it. I could stuff it back in the boxes and pretend they don’t exist, after all I did for seven years..lolz.. I could try to sell it at ebay or (lighbulb moment)..I could even set up my own online store!

Before I jump into this, I need to test the market and I found this one site that let me try it for free for ten days and even throw in a free store design offer. It comes complete with ecommerce software and shopping cart. Potentials buyers can pay by credit cards and Paypal.

It looks easy enough to get me started. I’ll let you know how it turns out :-)


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I was watching the “Travel and Living” channel on Astro today and one of the programs shown was featuring hotels in Spain.

I, for one, did not know that Spain is one of the three most visited countries in the world! I remembered saying what a beautiful country it is when it became the world’s focus of attention for the 1992
Barcelona Olympics.

So, I decided today, that I’m going to “travel” to Spain via the friendly airways also known as WWW Air..;-)

My first destination would of course be Barcelona. Finding hotels in Barcelona is not difficult. You can pick hotels from the one star standard right up to five star without any problem here. I found a few places of interest that is worth checking out from TripAdvisors dot com. A must see, according to some reviews there are the La Boqueria – A flea street market – and the Sagrada Familia – Church of a Sacred Family built by Antoni Gaudi and hailed at an architecture masterpiece by some. For the Picasso fans, the Picasso Museum would be next on the agenda.

The next city I visited was Madrid. As before, hotels in Madrid are reasonably priced as well. For a last minute reservation, you could easily get a decent hotel for EUR25.00 a night. I love shopping so the El Rastro Flea Market would be my first stop and after that long neighbourhood and nature walk at the Paseo de la Castellana and my visit to the world class Prado Museum, what could be more relaxing than spa treatment at the Mayrit Arabic Spa.

Before heading on back to KL, I just have to make a quick pit stop to Granada to get my Mi’Amore his one of a kind custom hand-made guitar. Oooohhh.. he’ll be thrilled :-)

Honey.. I’m home…

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Internet connection is so S L O W today.. I’m yawning more than I’m typing….sigh.. is it Streamyx or is it blogger coz local website seems to load reasonably well and so does other non-blogspot site…sigh… yawnnn….zzzzz


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If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’ve entered a contest held by Trinity to celebrate her strings of special days last month. Well, yesterday the results were out and guess who won something…There were three names drawn and mine was one of them… yey!!

It’s been a while since I won anything.. so this is a very, very nice surprise. Thank you so much Trinity for letting us share in your celebration and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Oh by the way.. I won the rattan bag. Lovely right??

Thanks again Trinity and congratulations to the other winners as well :-)

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A friend of mine just moved to her new home and she is having a housewarming cum Hari Raya open house this Sunday afternoon. So, it’s a good excuse as any for me to go shopping to search for that ideal housewarming gift for them…hehehe

I wanted to get my friend something personalized so that it would be special and she will always remember me for it. I have a few ideas in mind but I was opened to suggestions and as usual I let my fingers do the clicking. As I was surfing, I saw a few items that I thought might make a wonderful gift, it was an attractive personalized house address signs that can come in a variety of design and colour, a one of a kind personalized door mat that can come in either vulcanized rubber or vinyl finish, a selection of hand-carved stone plaques or a beautiful solid brass key rack.

I really can’t make up my mind now because they are all such good ideas so I shall ask hubby for his opinions and feedback and see what he says but I think he would probably be more inclined towards the personalized address signs though. Oh well, we’ll see :-)


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I “met” Mariuca when I joined her Genie Magic Carpet Ride earlier this September. We became fast friends after knowing that we both share a common passion – our kity cats. She has three and I have six that we absolutely adore. She’s also a late sleeper as me and we would babble in her shoutbox till the wee morning – that is if our Streamyx connection don’t fail us :(

So it is no wonder that when she went missing for the Hari Raya celebrations and a few more days after that due to Streamyx failure that I missed her and our babble session. Now she’s back and I have someone to chat with again during that lonely “refreshing” session over at PPP.

So Mariuca also known as Marzie who’s also known as Genie Princess or GP, this award that you’ve bestowed upon me is not only appreciated but also highly regarded as I should be the one thanking you for being a friend and a good one at that.

Mariuca SUPERSTAR Award

You’re the SuperStar :-)

Here’s to you…
Love ya..

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Our friend Janice just lost her beloved brother, Beng Hwee, to bone cancer today. After numerous surgeries and treatments for the past few months, he met his maker earlier this morning.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere condolence to you, Janice and your family on your loss.

My heartfelt sympathies

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

I was tagged by Trinity on two memes. The first one is “What classic movie” I am and the second one on most common writing mistake we make when blogging. So here we go…

According to the test, and I chose to answer 45 question so the match would be the most accurate, I am…jeng, jeng, jeng…

And the match is so.. so.. me… maybe I should not have been too honest answering the question. eheheh…

Now on to the next meme:

-start copy paste-

what is my most common writing mistake?


To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is. Then, you simply tag five individuals for the meme. Those five people will, in return, tag five more people. Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone that is feeling ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure.

Copy the person and persons names who sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps build community.

Here’s the answers:

Shine with Grace : Mixing the word “from” with “form” all the time

Trinity‘s most common mistake : I sometimes feel confused to use past tense or present tense when I share my stories.

LadyJava : typing too fast that sometimes I miss words in between

Genie King: I type too fast too…always end up with “tot he”…when it should be “to the”

Melly: sometimes, i makes mistakes in my grmmar and get my words twisted.

— I think we better list down the tapestry here so add your link and answer here—

– end copy paste –

And now let’s hear from Mariuca, Melody, Keeyit, Genie King and Nick Philips


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I just love rollercoasters, don’t you. The thrill, the exhilaration, the adrenalin rush! Whao! The best experience I’ve so far is the one at Genting, The Cyclone. Yeah, yeah. Some of you may say it’s nothing but that sector where the rail actually goes out overlooking the gorge. Now that is scary sh*t. Of course I would love to try something more scary.. perhaps this one will do..

What was your most scariest ride?? Share lah :-)


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How did you meet your other half? Was it through a mutual friend, did you meet randomly or was it a blind date? Did cupid strike his arrow and you fell at first sight?

Mine? It could be called “new age love”. Nope, we did not meet via free online dating site or the internet personals if that is what you think. However, it was close enough because we dated Online!

We met via Yahoo! chat room…heheh.. yeap… you heard me… Yahoo! chat. After all love and romance have no boundaries right? Our mode of dating was the famous Yahoo! messenger only back then it was called pager. It was still the caveman version – no webcam and no “I’m on sms”- speaking of which – there was even no SMS yet so can you imagine our massive telephone bill.

I remembered hubby telling me the first time we exchanged photos that he did not even put 100% trust on the picture of me. He told me, for all he knows, I could very well be a man impersonating a woman on the other line just to pull his legs. It was not till 1999 when we met that we really hit it off. After that there was no turning back. My body was in Singapore but my soul was already in KL. Sigh ;-)

How did you guys meet??


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Wow! My sponsored post got Auto-approved today by PayPerPost! I’ve been with PPP for about 7 months now and this was my first auto-approved post. Really cool.

In case you don’t know, PPP is a paidtoblog program that has enabled people like me to earn online from home. If your blog is ninety days old and you have written at least twenty post, you qualify to register and if your blog is approved, you can be very well on your way to earning online just like me. And now is the best time to join because you will earn USD20.00 to write your very first post on PPP! You can even join by reviewing any post from my blog. Just click on that widget below that says “Get Paid to Review My Post”


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