Sunday, October 21, 2007

How did you meet your other half? Was it through a mutual friend, did you meet randomly or was it a blind date? Did cupid strike his arrow and you fell at first sight?

Mine? It could be called “new age love”. Nope, we did not meet via free online dating site or the internet personals if that is what you think. However, it was close enough because we dated Online!

We met via Yahoo! chat room…heheh.. yeap… you heard me… Yahoo! chat. After all love and romance have no boundaries right? Our mode of dating was the famous Yahoo! messenger only back then it was called pager. It was still the caveman version – no webcam and no “I’m on sms”- speaking of which – there was even no SMS yet so can you imagine our massive telephone bill.

I remembered hubby telling me the first time we exchanged photos that he did not even put 100% trust on the picture of me. He told me, for all he knows, I could very well be a man impersonating a woman on the other line just to pull his legs. It was not till 1999 when we met that we really hit it off. After that there was no turning back. My body was in Singapore but my soul was already in KL. Sigh ;-)

How did you guys meet??


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