Friday, October 05, 2007

Me and hubby’s family are planning a trip up north to Ipoh and probably Kedah, to visit his relatives and long time friends this Hari Raya holidays. As it is going to be a very long drive, I have been urging him to get me one of those portable DVD player for the car. At least I can watch a few of my favorite movies during those long hours and keep awake instead of sleeping throughout the journey.

I kind of fancy the portable 10 inch DVD player like the one from Digitalframez dot com because not only can I use it in the car, using the cigarette lighter, but also and on its own, with a rechargeable battery, that can last for as long as four hours! Imagine all the movies I can watch both in the car and out. Sweet!

Two for the price of one. Awesome and really a bargain :-)

This is a sponsored post.

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