Monday, November 05, 2007

Panic Alert! Panic Alert!

A Swallow has landed. I repeat a swallow has landed. Keep the cats calm.. save the bird!

That was the chaos we experience just ten minutes ago. A swallow has apparently lost it’s way and entered our house through our balcony. Both me and hubby went on “save the bird mode” Smokey and Mufasa went on “catch the bird mode” all along going “Toy, toy”. Of course that would be “Meow, meow” in cat language.

The bird made it’s way into the kitchen and Smokey went into flight mode. I grabbed him in mid-air and hubby grabbed first thing he can, and that happened to be a traditional food cover also known as “Tudung Saji” to catch the bird before any of the other kitties do. All along Aggie was calm.

Hubby managed to finally catch up with the bird who was already beginning to tire out using the handy “tudung saji”. He petted it for a while before letting it go out the balcony as well.

Smokey’s not happy, Mufasa is now very grumpy. Aggie is still calm…

Panic Alert recalled…..

A typical “tudung saji”..only ours was plastic :-)


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