Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ever wonder why 26th December is called “Boxing Day”? I don’t but in case someone knows, please share with us..lolzz..

Anyway, the day started late, after 1pm actually. The luxury of no kids and hubby being self-employed. We took the car and went for lunch. We planned to renew hubby’s motorbike’s insurance and road tax after that but upon talking about it over lunch we decided to take the bike instead coz we needed to park the car very far from the insurance place and me no like that.

So we head on home, grabbed motorbike’s keys and helmet and off we went again. After getting the insurance, we rode on to JPJ to renew the bike’s RM2.00 road tax (ah life is wonderful) and my driving licence. We reached JPJ around 3.30pm and would you believe they ran out of queue numbers to renew driving licence! Boy, was I pissed coz now I got to renew at the post office. However hubby got his road tax done and off we went to Al-Rajhi bank next to get a savings account done to transfer my paypal earnings. Wohooo, I will get to spend my money soon!..but little did I know my withdrawal got to wait a few more days lahh… you can read about my little adventure here.

All in all, a day well spent.

Oh by the way.. Happy Birthday Shan!!…


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