Friday, December 21, 2007

The last time my mom and I sold our HDB (Housing Development Board of Singapore) unit in Singapore, we nearly had a heart attack from the hassle that our housing agent gave us. We had an idea of how much the market price of the unit was based on the HDB valuation report and also based on how much our neighbour, who, at time just sold his unit as well, got. So also basing on our own renovation work we decided on a figure which we thought was fair. Our agent did not say anything about the price and started marketing the unit.

Two weeks passed by and yet no viewing by potential home buyers were arranged. We were a bit disturbed by this as we knew our area was a “hot and wanted” spot in Singapore and at least ONE viewing was the least we expected after two weeks of marketing. After the third week, I called the agent up and it seemed the agent was only going to show the unit to potential buyers that was willing to pay the price that we wanted. I was infuriated. I mean, our price was always negotiable. I was beginning to wonder who trained this agent? And what was worse, we signed an exclusive with the company that she represented for three months! At the rate she was going we would never sell my house.

To make a long story short and to also spare you the heartache that both me and my mom suffered, suffice to say, she did not sell the unit for us. We waited till the exclusive contract ended, and found another agent that managed to sell the unit in two weeks time. Yes, we did not get the price we wanted but it was good enough an offer to accept.


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