Thursday, December 06, 2007

All of us will grow old someday. This is a reality that none of us can dispute and run away from. It lurks in the future reminding us that it’s there and its happening whether we like it or not. That our body will grow weak, we will not be as strong as before and we will be dependent on the children to do the things that we once were able to do. Just like what we are doing now for our parents.

Somehow sometimes that is not the case. A lot of kids nowadays are “washing” their hands off their parents the moment they get married or are too busy to care for them. Their parents are considered a burden that needed to be looked after until their last breath. That is why in certain places of the world, parents are given the opportunity to claim “parents support” from their kids. Yet, because these parents are so understanding, they refuse to even take advantage of the system that was designed to give them a better old age. Such is a parent love.

Although I would never consider sending my mom to any nursing homes, I believe it is the better alternative than leaving an aged and sickly parent home alone to take care of themselves. At least there, they would be taken care of professionals that is especially trained to take care of the aged.

What do you think? Is it the better choice?

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