Saturday, December 08, 2007

I’ve been awarded with some wonderful awards recently so since it’s a clear night and all (it’s been raining so far) and I’m all alone at home, I figured I’ll go round and check out my awards.

Ratu Syura thinks I’m a Beautiful Blogger and I receive it graciously. Thanks dearie. I will strive to be more Beautiful tomorrow than I am today and with that I proudly present this award to

Juliana, who is a beautiful blogger who blogs about her and her son

Being a friend, a true blue friend has always been important to me and to have someone appreciate that friendship means the world to me.. that is why I simply love this award by Trinity. Thanks so much Trin… you know you have a friend in me anytime :-)

Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm,
they never sleep, so ever-present, they’re friendly, so amicable,
accountable, dependable, and protective.
This award is presented for bloggers who always stand by you!
And now I’m passing this great award to Mariuca and Adrian and back to you Trinity. You guys have made my blogging hours fun and made me laugh in the wee hours of the morning ;)

Lastly but definitely not least, Juliana also bestowed upon me the Bodacious Blog and the Christmas Spirit Award.. thanks so much Juliana. Glad you loved the snow and the fireplace :)

Since I’ve given out the Bodacious Blog Award before, I’m just gonna give out the Christmas Spirit Award this time and the receipient of this award goes to none other than the two buddies, Adrian and Nick!

Get the code for the Christmas one here.
Come on people, take a bow!!


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