Saturday, December 22, 2007

I have a lover few lovers.

I must confess and I feel so guilty. My hubby also knows about it but he’s not saying anything. Not yet anyway. I know I’m wrong coz I spend so much time with my lovers and I can’t bear to part with them. It’s the first and the last thing I think about every day. Sometimes, I even dream about it in my sleep and I know my hubby noticed. It’s a matter of time before he says something and then what do I do? Even when I am at his office, I can’t stay away and I sneak my way to it whenever I can. So efficient was his Uplogic Envoy appliance that I hardly noticed the mean time to recovery the system took whenever he did to perform any maintenance to the network system.

I need to take it easy. I need to slow down.. I need to… cut down down on the number of blogs I have….lolzz… what did you think I was talking about!…get your mind out of the gutter ya….lolzz


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