Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How often do you call your mom? I call mine every other day using my, coz it’s cheaper lah, whenever she’s home that is. My mom is one of those independent ladies that will just up and go whenever she feels like it. Being alone helped I guess, coz she does not need to answer to anyone since my dad passed away in 1992. She’s my best friend, she’s my pillar of strength and she’s my mom. I will never stop being proud of her. Despite not having any formal education, she’s holding her head up high in a society of literate people.

Speaking of calling, have you heard of this website that carries 459 different phone cards from all major vendors for users to choose from? The site is like a shopping mall for phone cards. The best is you get to buy it online. Too bad though they don’t carry top-up cards for our local carriers. Oh well…


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