Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yesterday was a holiday here in Selangor to celebrate the Sultan’s birthday. As in other public holiday, I don’t really pay much attention to them coz I work from home and hubby can pretty much take time off anytime. The luxury of working for oneself!

Anyway we decided to send the car for repair (a long over-due process). Seriously it’s not our fault but rather the mechanics fault. You see, our car is a Citroen and being a continental car, not many mechanics would know or even want to repair it. So we’ve been sending it to this place over in Ampang and this fella keep saying that he can’t find the part that we needed to replace. And because of that we don’t dare to drive the car over a long distance because the engine will overheat and you know what happens to the engine when it gets overheated right?

Recently though hubby found out about this place near Batu Caves (thank you AAM) that specialised in repairing continental car like Citroen and Renault. Now this fella said “yeap sir, we have the part, you want first hand or second hand?”…We both looked at each other and like “What? Got option some more!”

So anyway, we got the part replaced today and changed the air-con something (don’t know what’s its called..hehe)… filled in some aircon gas and we are good to go!

However, when hubby was doing the aircon thing over at Melawati, I sneaked next door to the RM1.99 shop. OMG! I’m in heaven. Everything’s at RM1.99.. Crazy!.. I ended up buying items which cost me close to RM50 and am now too embarrased to show them to you..lolzz.. I don’t have disclipine, I tell you!

Overall good but tiring day.. even got hubby’s paperwork in order for the government’s official visit tomorrow or today lah.. it’s already 12th December right??!…lolzz


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