Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Being Singaporean, we are really spoiled. Very rare occasion do we experience “no-water” supply. Although most of us live in flats and get our water supply from that huge water tank on top, we (or I) have never had a moment when there is no water supply, without prior notice, that is. So, as naive as I am, when we moved into this condo unit, basically a flat lah, I thought it would be the same thing. Boy, was I wrong. Not only are we being a charge a hand and a foot for our water supply, we also found out that if anything were to happen to the water tank up there, we would be “water-less” until something got done.

So far, the two years that we’ve been living here, we had to go water-less two times. I’ve blogged about it once before and the most recent happened tonight. We just got home from my IL’s anniversary dinner and it was too hot to shower, so we both thought we rest a while cooling down with a cup of hot cocoa (special offer going on – the brand “Super” has Cocoa with Tongkat Ali and Misai Kucing and with every pack you get a free umbrella. The pack only worth RM12.90 – but I digress).

Anyway, when we were in the lift, we heard this “waterfall” sound and upon reaching our floor, we peeped down from the corridor and noticed that the third floor was basically flooded. We thought nothing of it until around 10pm when we heard the “waterfall” stopped. Again, we thought it was nothing until I decided it was time for shower and went to kitchen to place my mug at the sink, turned on the tap and “Arghhhh!!!”…. NO WATER!!!.. Then only we sort of put two and two together and figured someone must have called the maintenance people and they must have shut down the supply to fix the problem – hence the “waterfall” stop. We found out later that the culprit was a water pipe that had burst.

To make a long story short, we were waterless from 10pm to 1am (although it seemed like eternity). After hubby’s short talk with the maintenance man, I also found that our water supply had to travel from the topmost floor down to the ground floor and then travel back up again to whichever floor is calling. Weird right? I thought it would travel from the tank straight to the requesting pipe outlet. Oh well, you learn something new everyday!..lolz..

The water supply still comes in squirts now and sometimes it’s cloudy and dark, so I’m postponing my shower for a few more hours I guess, while hubby calls me “his assam girl” – translated to mean… “sour girl??” heheehh…


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