Monday, December 03, 2007

You know I love being able to type fast. It’s one of the skill that I’ve always wanted to pick up when I was in school and so when I actually went to take up secretarial studies and was able to pick up the skill, I was so damn happy that now I would not only be able to type fast but also not need to look at the keyboard.

Throughout the years then, that skill was taken for granted. It became automatic like breathing and eating. However, one thing that came out of it was, the faster you type and the faster you think, the more spelling error you make. I tend to miss out in between words. I also tend to misspell “the” and “and”.

I found I was not alone. A few blogger friends of mine have the “problem” as well.. Just take a look at this screencapture..

If that don’t deserve an award, I don’t know what does…hehehhe, ..where before I awarded it to GK for the Best Male Speller Award, this time the winner for the Best Female Speller Award goes to…

Come up here girl and claim this wonderful award for your MAD SPELLING SKILL…heheheh


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