Friday, January 25, 2008

I am so loving my life right now. I am, even as I am typing this, just waiting for Nigella’s Feast to come on again after an advertisement. Yes friends, I am in front of the tv with Miss Fly, using my LAN wireless connection.

Yeay!!! I now, don’t need to be stuck in my home office anymore. I can surf the net from anywhere at home.

We’ve always have shared internet connection before so that means even with one Streamyx line, me on my computer and hubby on his PC called “Skull“, can surf simultaneous using our home network system. But it was always wired connection so we always needed to be in the home office and it was fine with both of us.

Then, Miss Fly came into the picture and has an in-built wireless lan networking capability, so hubbs, being the Dukun Digital, bought a wireless router, hooked it up to the modem and presto, I am really mobile. I can even blog while I’m doing my “business” if I wanted to! Lolzzz… Awesome or what!

Thank you hubbs for making life soo fantastically easy and for spoiling me rotten…hehehe


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