Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ok I am all set in front of the tv, with Miss Fly in tow, of course..heheh…for… AJL22 or Anugerah Juara Lagu or “The Songs Award”???..which is a Malaysian award show where they award the best song from each category and an ultimate best song for the whole show. For those who might be overseas and want to watch this show live, you can watch it at their official website right now ok.

At the same, as I am sitting in my living room, I can hear fireworks… what’s going on?? Anyone knows???


Edited: And the awards goes to…

Best Vocal – Jacqueline Victor and Lah: Ceritera Cinta
Best Performance – Mawi: Angan dan Segar
Best Song (Ethnic Creative) – Nora: Samudera
Best Song (Pop Rock) – Estranged: Itu Kamu
Best Song (Balad) –Sahri : Izinkan Ku Pergi

AJL22 Song of the Year -Estranged : Itu Kamu

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