Monday, January 28, 2008

What is it with doctors and appointments? They say to call for appointment and then we come on the appointed date and time, it’s pretty much a two hour wait. Or is it only with the popular doctors only?

You might be wondering what I am ranting about. Well I had an appointment with my gynae today for my three weeks visit after my surgery (fast eh?) at 2.40pm. I purposely asked for an afternoon appointment coz the last time I had an appointment with her at 11.20am, I ended up going for lunch, coming back from lunch and waited again till 3.30pm! A whole day wasted!

Anyway I thought I play it smart this time and requested for a time after lunch and 2.40pm was given to me. I arrived on time and there was like seven patient in front of me. You know what time I eventually went in to see my gynae? 4.30pm! Can you believe that!

Is this the norm at any specialist clinic especially the obstetrician and gynecologist department? What does appointment mean then if you have to wait like two hours to see your doctor?

Anyway, my gynae said everything is healing very well and after the biopsy of the fibroid, they found nothing cancerous or anything, so that is a big relief. Oh I also got some analysis of the fibroid like its size and a picture of it out of the bottle if anyone is interested to see it.


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