Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First they jacked up the prices, then they change all the channels to three digits which personally drive me nuts. Now they re-classify some of the channels to different categories which literally mean you have to subscribe to view those channels now.

Yeap! I am talking about Astro!. As much as I love their prompt services and the fact that because of them I have lots more channels to choose from, I can’t help but think they are manipulating us just because they are the only provider so far.

My grievance? Well, yesterday night, hubby was all set to watch his channel 734. I think it was the program Fifth Gear or The OCC when he called out to me saying that the channel is not in our subscription. I went like “huh?”. We were just watching three or four hours ago.

All the other channels worked well so I know it’s not because we forgotten to pay the bill or something. So I surfed to their website and lo and behold, found out that now channel 731 to 734 are now classified as “Metro” channel and you can subscribe it now at RM14.95 monthly. WTF!

Oh well, that’s what we call monopoly right?… Life goes on!!


Posted by LadyJava On Tuesday, January 15, 2008 No comments


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