Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back when I was in school, I remember how Valentine’s day was such a big deal. Boys would save up to buy flowers for their girlfriends and girls without boyfriends would make a deal to buy flowers for each other just so they could carry around stalks of roses that day. Luckily I was never one of those girls. Not because I had a boyfriend but because I did not really believe in valentine’s day. I mean, everyday should be a “love’ day rite?

Then when I had my first boyfriend, we decided that Valentine’s day would be every day for us. I must admit that it was kind of nice to receive flowers even without any special occasions. So we continued not celebrating Valentine’s day and just had fun looking at those couples that did.

Now I’m married and hubs share the same sentiments. Every day is made for loving. Everyday is a cause for celebration and we can celebrate it any way we want.

So why wait for one special day to express your love when each day can be 14th February!


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