Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good to be home, although for a short while. Mama and Abah have guests from Japan so they have to meet up with them today and hubby got to go home to feed the cats and since he offered if I wanted to come home with him, I was out the door before he was.. hehehe..

Good to be home. Everything looks the same and yet the kitties somehow looked bigger. Hmm I guess they did not miss me as much as I missed them, although Aggie did want me to carry her. Sorry dearie, mommy can’t bend over yet and you are too heavy for mommy to carry you just yet.

Am going to be around till probably after dusk so that we can feed the kitties their dinner and after all off we go again to PaMa’s place where I would stay till probably Monday..I wonder if I can persuade hubby to go to Low Yatt to go get my laptop.. hmmm….

Oh, in case anyone is interested, I updated my progress at my woman blog, got picture some more..heheh


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