Saturday, January 12, 2008

We were sitting at PaMa’s living room and chit chatting yesterday and hubby wanted to show mama something he downloaded from the internet. As he was reading it, he had to put it at a distance from his face coz he has been “infected” with the “old people eye disease” or long-sightedness..hehehe…

Without realising it, abah saw this and as he walked away to the kitchen, he muttered to hubby, “go get your eyes check for a glasses lah”…..lolzzz… like Malaysian say “Kantoi!”…. or in English it’s just plain old “Caught ya!”..lolzz.

This was very apt as I have been asking him to get his eyes checked every time he complains that he can’t see clearly unless the reading material is at least an arm’s length away and how too bright a light is affecting his vision.

Since I thought that hubby might be too lazy to go to the optician, I have decided to bring the optician to him. I found this website at Great Discovery: that offers prescription glasses at economical price. Frame prices range from as low as USD8.00! You can choose from a variety of frames and lenses. Best of all it’s all done online.

Ohh hubby… let’s get that glasses now…..


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