Sunday, January 13, 2008

I’ve been tagged by Mariuca with the Love Hate Meme! I love this meme as it is so easy to do and I get to share more about me with my friends!!!

1. I love to eat: Mommy’s Sambal Cockles and Salmon Soup
2. I hate to eat: Vegetables
3. I love to go: House Viewing (you know like show house)
4. I hate to go: Public toilets
5. I love it when: It rains (provided I’m not on the motorbike!..lolz)
6. I hate it when: People abuse animals like kicking cats and such
7. I love to see: Babies from human to animals
8. I hate to see: People acting snobbish
9. I love to hear: The sound of Hubs strumming on his guitar.
10. I hate to hear: Kids screaming to get attention

Okay, now let’s hear from the wonderful people below on what their loves and hates are:

Farah, Juliana, Keeyit, and Shemah


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