Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vacuuming is one household chore that I love and not mind doing every single day. I guess all ladies have that. I have a girlfriend that loves washing, another loves to clean toilet and another that loves ironing. Between the four of us we can easily open a maid service. Lolzz..

However, it is not carpet that I vacuum though because there is simply no carpeting allowed in my home coz of the cats – you know how kitties shed daily and I’ve got six of them..lolzz – but I vacuumed my tiled floor. Yeap. you heard me right. I just rolled the vacuum on my tiled flooring and all shedded furs get sucked in. Easy. No sneezing, no fur flying around and best of all I can vacuum Aggie in the process. Heheh.. boy does she loves to be vacuumed.

I always get my vacuum cleaner just off any local supermarket but am always looking for better ones and cheaper ones as well and I just stumbled upon eureka vacuum cleaners. Eureka vacuum cleaners range comes in a host of sizes and designs. One of thing that caught my attention about the eureka vacuum cleaners are their economical price. I change my vacuum cleaner yearly so I don’t normally get expensive ones. Heart pain lah!

Anyway, anyone needs a vacuuming lady?? Lolzzz!


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