Thursday, January 24, 2008

I had the shock of my life today when I exchanged email with a friend of mine in Singapore over my fibroid adventure.

She told me that she had a cyst removed from her left ovary last year as well. It seemed she was having very bad pain around the stomach area first and the next day, the pain spread to the right. She was unable to even stand up on her own and needed to be wheeled into the A&E unit of the hospital.

The doctor suspected it was her appendix and operated on her. However she was still experiencing the same pain on her left side after the operation and when her doctor came in to check up on her, she told him about it. It seemed that although her appendix was inflamed at the time of the surgery, it was only about 4.5cm which was not really that bad to warrant a surgery.

They did an ultra scan after that and found a cyst in her left ovary. She then had to go back to her gynae and he was appalled that the hospital did not do a scan before they operated. It had been a wrong operation! They should have removed the cyst but instead they removed her appendix.

So she had to go through another surgery and all within one week. The poor dear got to be hospitalized for two weeks for the two operations.

Can you believe this happened in Singapore? The doctor’s must have had too much to drink that night or something. Simply crazy!

Anyway “L”, hopefully everything is alright now and I guess thank God they removed something that is not needed by the body anyway. It could have been worst! Love ya!


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