Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wow! What a tiring day!

I had quite an early nite yesterday but still I woke up feeling sleepy at 9am this morning. Maybe it was because of my disturbed sleep coz of the early nature call at 6am! Ever since my operation, I can hardly hold on to anything these days..lolzzz..

Anyway, went to hubs office today to finish off the company’s account that is due for submission to the auditors firm in February. It was my first day there since the operation and all that long sitting is now giving me a blinking backache. What’s worst is hubby can’t give me a back massage as I can’t lie on my tummy yet! Ouchhhhh!!!

I guess he can massage me while I’m sitting..hehehehe…

Can you believe we just got home 10minutes ago coz hubby just got news he got the big project and all needs to be completed by Chinese New Year! Yikes, when it rains, it pours, I guess!

Ok, off to the shower and then straight a bed. Got an early day tomorrow again! Got to accompany hubby to the mechanic once again to repair his car aircon. Nite-nite folks


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