Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ok folks, I’ve enjoyed this blogger hack so much that I want to share with you so we all can experience the wonderful world of smileys just like those wordpress blog!..heheh

I was a bit lazy to put up this post but since GP wanted to know how I put links on her comment box, I thought I put in a blog entry and share with everyone.

First thing first, the most common way you can put links in your comments box is by using the good ol’ html code for instance if I want to tag someone and I want that person to go straight to my post i can type:

Note that the http is the url address and the text “see me fly” is my blog entry title. When you post the comment, the result would be a hyper link meaning if the user click on the text, he would be brought to the address you specified.

Ok.. easy enough?

Now this is where the fun begins :) . Have you ever wished you can see that Mr yellow smiley face when you visit blogspot blogs? Well courtesy of this website that I stumbled upon, now we can. Here’s how but you must be using Firefox ok :)

  1. Download a plugin called Grease Monkey. Just click here and you will be brought to the download link. Install Greasemonkey Extension in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on this link to get your user script.
  3. Install the script.
  4. After a successful installation, you will now see a little monkey icon at your status bar. This is where you can enable and disable the program
  5. Now try commenting on this blog and you will see an amazing tool that makes commenting not only easy but FUN!!
Try it our and let me know what you think! Oh btw, you will also see smileys on OTHER people blogs but NOT yours ok. This is a feel good thing for you but imagine when other people install the plugin yourself… Ahhh smiley heaven!


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