Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I hate lizards. I say it again. I hate lizards! And cockroach and ants and other pest that makes life miserable. Just today for instance, while pouring a fresh new packet of sugar into a container, I noticed ants. Yeap! Ants in my unopened brand new sugar packet. What is a lady to do?? I had to scoop them out bit by bit lah.. There goes thirty minutes of my life :(

Lucky for me, there isn’t any scorpion around or something here in the apartment. However, I heard that in the Phoenix area, the bark scorpion, the most dangerous type of scorpion can be found in house dwellings. Luckily a Phoenix scorpion exterminator is just a phone call away. Blue Sky Pest Control has a very successful service plan that works. Their premium service is fully guarantee. So if you are in Phoenix and is having problems with scorpions, why not try their free pest evaluation and get $50 off their Blue Sky Service Plan.

As for me, I’m still fighting with ants. Any suggestion anyone??


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