Friday, January 11, 2008

Ok folks, the reason why I went MIA…jeng jeng jeng…

Exactly one week ago, I admitted myself to a hospital! Relax.. nothing serious. It was supposed to be for a laparoscopic procedure to see the extent of these naughty little fibroids that was growing in my uterus. I blogged about it here. But then according to Dr Fauziah, if the fibroids are extremely big, then she might have to perform an operation as well. As it turned out, the fibroids are big, three of them, and she ended up having to perform surgery. So my overnight stay at Ampang Putri hospital turned to three nights at the maternity ward!

Anyway, I am now recovering nicely at my inlaws and internet is very limited. I plan to return home next Monday but we’ll see what abah and mama got to say about that. My progress would be at my woman blog coz I feel it is more appropriate then. I will even post a picture and video of the lovely fibroids there case anyone want to know what it is and how it looks like.


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