Friday, February 29, 2008

Farah reminded me today is 29th February! Yes peeps… it’s a leap year this time around… so I just wanted to wish anyone who’s celebrating their birthday today… A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It will only come again in four years time ;)….

And as promised.. here’s a tip to stay young…


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I’ve always loved entertaining. I remember how my mom and I would host get-together for friends and relatives for special events when I was Singapore. My mom would be the cook of course coz I don’t cook then and simply because she’s so great at it.

We would wake up early to go to the market. Then get the food ready and set up the dishes on the buffet tables all ready for our guests. There would be lots of chatter, gossips, jokes and laughter. Ohh what wonderful times those are. I miss that.. I miss being in Singapore with all my loved ones, my friends and everything familiar.

I don’t host much parties or get together now. In fact when I first moved here it was kind of a culture shock because most of my hubby’s relative don’t live in KL but his parents does so there’s no like “balik kampung” culture for us. Hubby’s friends are mostly single so not many female friends for me either (at least ever since I started blogging.. I’ve known more pple here). So no.. we don’t get many guest over to our home very often.

It’s a good thing though otherwise I would so need to get buffet furniture like buffet cabinets and sideboards for instance. Something like the picture below (ain’t it beautiful?) would be so nice and so necessary. I mean a furniture like that can really make a room look so inviting, cozy and add a nice ambiance to the whole eating experience. And of course without it where would I put my food dishes? Of course I would have to cook myself too although I have been cooking ever since I got married so I don’t think that would be problem though.

Anyway.. I’m really looking forward to going home back next week. I’ve already informed my closest friends so hopefully we can meet on one of the days I’m there. Mommy already have plans for the whole week but I’m sure I can sneak out one night..lolzz


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hello there friends.. in case you don’t know Emila, our super talented artist friend is hosting her 5th giveaways which consist of a tote, a blank book and a notepad, all handmade by her!… All you need to do is to vote for her Dont Panic Momiji Dolls today!! You can find detail of the contest at her blog.

So let’s all help her win… ok…


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I just love this song…

Colbie Caillat – Bubbly

Lyrics so that you can sing along..

I’ve been awake for a while now
you’ve got me feelin like a child now
cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tinglies in a silly place

It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

The rain is fallin on my window pane
but we are hidin in a safer place
under covers stayin dry and warm
you give me feelins that I adore

It starts in my toes
make me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes
i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

What am I gonna say
when you make me feel this way
I just……..mmmmmm

It starts in my toes
make me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes
i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

I’ve been asleep for a while now
You tucked me in just like a child now
Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth

It starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feelin shows
Cause you make me smile
Baby just take your time now
Holdin me tight

Where ever, where ever, where ever you go
Where ever, where ever, where ever you go
Where ever you go, I’ll always know
Cause you make me smile here, just for a while


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It has been so hot lately that the air-con has been perpetually switched on 24/7 at our home. Then today we got the electricity bill and I nearly fainted. It came close to RM300! Usually it is only like RM80 give and take a few dollars. So I guess we have to find alternative way to keep cool from now on.

I then came across this website selling ceiling can. Now this ain’t the regular ceiling fans we see. This company makes 24-foot diameter ceiling fans.

These fans are being used in some airport and even zoos worldwide. How they work is by using their incredibly big size to move massive amounts of air over large spaces so it is not speed that cools the air but rather the size of the blades.

I wonder if I can get one of these to be installed at home??


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ok my fellow bloggers friends.. time for more awards giveaways

The hot momma, Farah, have generously awarded me with the following wonderful recognitions..

You are my friend too dear Farah …

This peace award carried alot of meanings-
unity, serenity, freedom, safe world and so much more.

Thanks Farah for thinking of me….

I would like to pass these two beautiful recognitions to GP, GK, Natrah and Trinity
This next award which is also from Farah means a lot to me.. I write for fun as well as from the heart and for someone to consider me as an outstanding blogger…. all I can say is… WoW and Thank you!!

For this award I would love to share this with all those on my blogroll..

Congrats friends!!


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am sending this message from my email which means I am not logon into blogger at all!

In anticipation of my return to Singapore early March, I need to make sure this works so that my blogging experience is gonna be wonderful. You see if I can type in my outlook offline, then go online to send the email. I can save money!

Because…. Yes, I’m gonna have Miss Fly with me BUT I’m still thinking about the internet access bit. I could use this plan called “mysingtel” which is like dial up using mommy’s fixed line but it’s gonna cost a bomb. Imagine paying $2 for 15minutes.

[Edited]Another option is to use my wireless access and see if some soul out there in the same block or surrounding area has their wireless access point open and unsecured, then I can tap into that connection. Failing that, there’s always that internet cafe downstairs. Only problem is they only open till 11pm :(..

I am still researching to see if there is such a thing as prepaid internet card like the one they have here in Malaysia.. Any Singaporean knows?? Anyone can help???.. Anyone???

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love my coffee. That being said though, I am not the traditional coffee drinker like my hubby who can take his coffee black, just with sugar. In fact, I don’t take anything black, not tea and definitely not coffee. So does that really make me a coffee drinker or not??

Anyway, I found this test over at Ratu Syura and thought it would be fun to try it. Whadaya know.. I am a …

You Are a Cappuccino

You’re fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.

However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.

You are a total girly girly at heart – and prefer your coffee with good conversation.

You’re the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please

Yeah, that’s me alright.. complex but easy to please….lolzzzz!


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Saturday, February 23, 2008

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace. ” The Dalai Lama

I love the title of this tag. Make Love Not War. And I am 100% behind that slogan and the dove illo that goes with it is so apt. Thanks GP for letting me spread the love around from my end.

I believe if you have love in your heart, you’ll have compassion and you’ll have empathy. Without these can you really consider yourself human? Mother Theresa once said, “Love till it hurts, coz when you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

And now, I’m tagging Nat, Noushy and Trinity. Let’s spread the message of love….

The rules:

  1. If you get tagged or not (and want to play along), take some minutes to meditate about love and peace, pray for countries that are facing troubles, for those people you love and those you don’t.
  2. Write a post with links to blogs that you think would like to participate.
  3. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.


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I was checking out some videos over at youtube when I stumbled upon invisibleSHIELD video. This product is amazing. Imagine stretching to 1000lbs and not breaking or tearing! According to their website, Invisible Shield, a thin polyurethane film, was originally created for the military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades. Now it is made available for the public to protect their devices like PDAs, Laptop, Phones and anything that you fear will scratch. Check out their video here.. I’m sure you’ll be as amaze as I was. I am seriously thinking of buying one for Miss Fly!


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Emila wanted to know what my dream gadgets are..

Let’s see.. one of them was to get a laptop but I got that earlier this year. So the next item on the list is this wonderful Sony Ericsson P1i Smart Phone which is going for around RM1400 (last I checked)… perhaps I can use my Singapore Bonus money to get it….lolzz

I’ve also been eyeing a digital cameral, though no specific model comes to mind. A Sony Cybershot sounds good though. I am basically looking for a thin, simple to use know something I can carry with me in my handbag all the time so that I can catch those candid shots or those simply must photograph moments. Any recommendation??

And last but definitely not least is a Cat Genie – A Self-flushing litter bin…so I never need to touch the litter bin ever again…I love my kitties but not their poo though…lolzzz

Let’s see what Natrah, Farah and Noushy are dreaming of..


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Friday, February 22, 2008

Life is all about choices. You make the best choices in your life in hopes that you have made the right decision. However there’s always the “opportunity cost” (’s my economics term??..lolzz) of making choices.

I chose to leave my life in Singapore to be with the love of my life. The cost? I left my mommy behind coz according to her she’ll die of boredom if she were to follow me here. Me and hubs chose to have kitties. The cost? Our furniture. so don’t frown when you come to my apartment and see our sofa.

“Life is a sum of all your choices” – Albert Camus said.

And so true. I am what choices I make and I never regret it for a moment.


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Monday, February 18, 2008

Good news for Singaporean!

In line with the Singapore Budget 2008, all adult Singaporeans aged 21 and above will receive Growth Dividends as part of the Government’s move to share the nation’s surpluses with Singaporeans.

Wohoo! Free money for me! It may not be much but since I am not living in Singapore to experience any hike in the the GST level, it is still consider a bonus for me. I mean who’s gonna give me $400 right??

So for Singaporeans out there, don’t forget to sign up for your GST Credits. The government has made it so easy to submit your forms (even me in KL can do it) so there is absolutely no reason for you to not have it done unless of course you don’t need the money lah..


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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I saw this cute test at Natrah’s and decided to give it a try..hmm…all I can say is… Bull’s Eye!!!!

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

My dvd marathon of Cashmere Mafia was rudely interrupted this evening by a loud knocking on the door. Hubby was not around and I was definitely not expecting anyone today. I peeped out my service balcony and saw my neighbour Sally knocking on another neighbour’s door. I called out to her to find out what was happening and she told me..”fire.. fire on the 11th floor”.. I was like “what?!!”… and she said “get ready to leave!”

OMG! Why is this happening at a time when hubby’s not at home.?! I immediately changed and went out to meet her. She told me that the lift lobby was on fire at the 11th floor. Mind you, I am on the 10th floor. I asked her if the fire department had been called and she said her hubby already called them. I asked her for specific details and she said all she knew was that the fire might be in the lift or outside at the 11th floor lobby.

Lots of things went thru my mind. If we need to evacuate, what about my kitties? I got six of them and there is simply no way I can carry them all alone. Even if I can carry two at a time, I can’t go up and down the staircase three times! I called hubby immediately and he told me to get all our important documents ready, to be prepared and he was coming home!

After getting ready, I waited at our balcony for the fire brigade but did not see any come at all. There also wasn’t any smoke or anything so I got curious as to what was happening. I grabbed my keys and went to our lift lobby….. nothing .. all quiet … so I went up to the 11th storey and as I approached the landing, I saw white residue on the floor, you know like the residue from the fire extinguisher. I peeped through the door and indeed saw the burnt control panel. Lights covering was also on the flooring. But on the whole it was not that bad. I guess we won’t have any lift service for a few days but there was no deadly fire to escape from.

I relaxed, went back to my apartment and called my hubby to let him know everything was fine. Nothing to worry about and he didn’t have to rush home.

Wow, what a frightening evening. Now, I’m really wondering what I would have done should there really be an evacuation. Hmmm…

Any suggestion??…

PS: GP! Cashmere Mafia darn syiok… Thanks for suggesting me to watch it.. Muahss!!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

My blogging experience started last year in January 2007 with my very own “How to Make Money Online” blog. I wanted to share with everyone in the world how I made my first dollar online with get to paid program like PTC and PTR sites. You must understand after my premature retirement after I got married, to earn again – with any amount – made me feel so useful and independent again. Anyway, that one blog turned to two, three, four and five, six or is it seven? Lolzz.. I lost track!

Anyway, Noushy compulsorily tagged me with this wonderful tag that brought me down memory lane to all my previous post. The tag calls for me to list down post with the following topics in mind. So off we go:


I love our Mama and Abah but sometimes The Surprise and very UnExpected Visit can be quite nerve wreaking!


When I first started blogging, my blog was a lonely blog, then I got on my very first meme, the The Genies Magic Carpet ride and my blog ain’t lonely anymore. I’ve made so many friends around the world and for that I am thankful to my friend the Genie Princess and her partner in crime, Genie King.

3) Myself

Something about my likes ;)

4) Love

How did you and your significant other meet? It’s all about Me and my CyberSpace Love

5) Anything

Are you a genius coz I’m not!

I think I’ve tagged too many people this month (and it’s only the 15th) so I shall leave this open to anyone who feels like going down memory lane as well….


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is Valentine Day but most importantly it is Trinity’s birthday, my dearest friend from Bandung, Indonesia. Trinity has been my chatting friend via YM before her maid problems made her so tired that she can no longer chat with me till the wee hours of the morning anymore (luckily there’s still GP, Farah, Natrah and Noushy). I missed those days Trin!! So for your birthday present, I will help you pray that you will solve all your maid problem and have a headache free household crisis ya!

Since you are my Photoshop motivator and mentor, I’ve also made this special scrap for your birthday using Julia’s QP and I hope you like it..

Happy Birthday Trinity!!!!
Happy Valentine Day Everyone!!


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I’m supposed to be blog hopping and updating my blogs and doing some offline work today BUT I just signed up at this site that has a multitude of free flash games and I totally forgot to do what I’m supposed to do.

And you know what, this site pays me to click on ads and play their games. Hehehhe! What fun.. so while refreshing on you what what site, I play games and get paid.. Kewl!!!


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Woot!!!.. I got all my chores done today.. Anyway the listed below summed up my day today:

  • Woke up the same time as hubby, send off my beloved at the front door with a “I’ll miss you” kiss.
  • In goes my first load of laundry
  • Cleaned litter bin
  • Have breakfast
  • Vacuumed floor
  • Dusted some dusty corner of the apartment
  • Watched Bold and Beautiful on Astro
  • Hanged out laundry to dry
  • In goes second load of laundry
  • Check email and blog hop a bit
  • Hanged out second load of laundry
  • Play with kitties
  • Mop floor (first time since the operation)
  • Shower
  • Blog and blog hopped some more
  • Watched tv
  • Hubby called to pick up for dinner
  • Currently at hubbs office waiting while he prepares his day for tomorrow.

How was your day??? As productive as mine I’d bet!

Oh by the way, I had my first bite of prawn today too after my operation. It’s been 5.5 weeks so I figure I give it a try. The verdict tomorrow as to if I itch tonight! lolzzz!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I was tagged by Farah to do this simple meme called the the Four Things Meme. Here goes….

Four Jobs I’ve Had

  • Tutor
  • Tutor Co-ordinator
  • Executive Secretary
  • Personal Assistant

Four Places I’ve Lived

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

(only two so far)

Four Movies I’ve Watched Over& Over

  • Home personal movies but we shall not dwell on that! lolz ;)

Four Shows I Watch

  • Friends
  • Desperate Housewives
  • The Bold and The Beautiful
  • CSI

Four Places I’ve Been

  • Tokyo
  • Vietnam
  • Bangkok
  • Bali

Four People who Email Me Regularly

  • GP
  • My CNC Club Members
  • Emelda
  • Manis

Four Favorite Things to Eat

  • Char Kuay Teow
  • Tom Yam Soup
  • Chocolate Anything
  • Black Pepper Steak

Four Places I’d Rather Be

  • France
  • Rome
  • Switzerland
  • London

Four Things I Look Forward to this New Year

  • I rather not say.. for fear of jinxing it! Lolzz

Now, I’m passing on the tag to GP, Syura, Janice and Trin


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Monday, February 11, 2008

As a housewife cum office admin for my hubs business, I have a time-table. I would go to hubs office when I’m needed there and stay home when I’m not. When I’m home, I would do the vacuuming, clean out the litter bin, mop the floor, do the laundry and occasionally cook.

These past few days however I’ve not been home and me and hubby had been staying late at the office due to the deadline of those five pc and OMG, is my floor beautiful. When you have six kitties like me, not vacuuming the floor for one day is like facing a warzone when you come home. The kitties also do not like it when they are left alone at home and would create havoc, like dropping the phone from the table, the cushion would be on the floor and they would be fur everywhere! (obviously they were entertaining themselves)

Anyway, my laundry basket is full and my floor is a mess coz neither me nor hubby had a chance to mop it this weekend. However, the good news is I will be home tomorrow so I guess I can still catch up on that time table. Hubby, after finishing those five pc is now going to install them at the clients place and doing the networking and finishing up on another ten pcs’s that the client had ordered today! So this week would be spent at the client’s place which leaves me plenty of time during the day to be the housewife again :)

And more time to bloghop!!!


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I did not want to make the same mistake twice so before time fly me by again, I’m gonna put up my latest award from the beautiful Noushy, all the way from UK who absolutely loves this blog! Right Noushy??

I would like now to pass on the love to those of you in my blogroll coz i love you and your blogs too!!! Take a bow people!!


Thanks to Julia for the scrap!

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ok, so the CNY break is almost over and so far I’ve been spending it accompanying hubby at the office and …

  • Watching “Desperate Housewives” and “The Bold and The Beautiful” dvds.
  • I also spent the time learning how to use Photoshop Element and downloading free quickpages so that I could make beautiful scraps just like Trinity…(my CS motivator – thank you dearie).
  • I’ve collected all my outstanding awards (sorry friends – but better late then never right?) and I hope I’ve not missed out any.
  • I’ve done all my tags and memes (I think..)
  • I’m still looking for that perfect picture for Farah’s guestbook…lolzz… my evil laughter here (I wonder how long I can remain mysterious… so many people want to see me!…lolz)

Ok.. so is that a lot or a bit?? You tell me…coz I’m beat!!

Oh by the way, I found a runaway thread on me.. interested to know more??… Check out my woman blog lah… See you there!


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Friday, February 08, 2008

My sincere apologies to all my friends for the delay in collecting my awards. But like they say, better late than never right ?! I also wanted to express my gratitude for all the awards below. You guys are the best and I love each and everyone of you!

From the very wonderful Farah :

From the very magical GP

From the very sweet Melody and GP

From the very very artistic Emila and GP once again!

From wondrous Juliana and GP

Juliana also gave me this wonderful FF Award

FF Award

And to show my love to all my friends and my readers, all the awards are for you and you and you and yes you as well! Enjoy!!

Psst: You can get the single awards here ;)


** Thanks to Julia P. for all the QP!

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You know what I missed doing ever since my surgery? To ride on the motorbike with hubby. I missed our weekend cool evening ride when it’s just me, hubby and the bike. I missed the ride up to Bukit Belacan and I missed the short traveling time to anywhere. It’s been a month now (very fast eh), and Dr Fauziah had given me six weeks medical leave. So I figured it will be ok to go back to “normal” mode in that time including my motorbike ride. You think?

Another thing I love about the motorbike is that road tax is soooo cheap. Can you believe it is only RM2 for the whole year! Bike insurance is only like RM100 something I think and that’s cheap!

And you know what, I just found a site in UK that offers the cheapest prices around for bikes, car, home and van insurance. Their staff are experienced and most importantly they only sell the insurance that you need for your situation. Nothing more, nothing less. So if you are in UK, you might want to check out the website :)

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my hubby’s bike.. I missed you Mr Yahama!


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Thursday, February 07, 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Chinese friends and readers a Happy Chinese New Year. May this year of the Rat brings one and all prosperity, health, love and wealth all year round!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!


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Before I started drinking that darn coffee, I was a true blue tea drinker. I probably got the habit coz my late father loved to drink tea. It was his staple drink and because of that we always had tea in the house. In fact, I was the designated tea maker.

I remember when I was in junior college, how I always had tea and cookies or cream puff ready for my parents when they come home from the stall. It was sort of our high tea moments. We were probably making the Tea Company rich with all that tea drinking in the household. Lolz. Gosh, I even had tea in my tumbler for school.
tabolic rate and boost your energy level. That is why you see this product being used in lots of weight loss and toning products. Studies have even shown that you can even lower your cholesterol levels just by drinking this wonderful beverage.

If I recalled correctly I read somewhere that green tea also helps with Gingivitis which is a condition where the gums recede back of the teeth and bleed. Drinking green tea actually helps by blocking the growth of bacteria in our mouth which is causing this medical condition.

Among all the different blended tea, for me, the hardest tea to swallow would be green tea but nowadays with them being infused with flavors such as Earl Grey and berries, they are a delight to drink. I always have mine with sugar or honey however, coz I can never really take black tea. It’s a taste to be acquired I guess and I’ve never acquired it.

Tea has always been a comfort drink for me. I have it in different flavor for different moods and moments and it will always have a special place on my palate.

Have a cup with me??…

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We’ve learnt our lesson. And that is never to go to Low Yatt on Chinese New Year Eve! I tell you the crowd was terrible. People were all in a mad rush to buy their stuff before the long break. I guess all of them got the same idea to work on their computers this holiday or something. Everyone bought something.

My darling hubby will be working this holiday too as he has five pc’s to deliver on Monday! Poor darling! So I guess I’ll be hanging around the office as well accompanying him through the day and night. And I am fine with that. As long as there’s Miss Fly and an internet connection, I’m set anywhere ;)

Oh yes, we got our car back as well and the air-conditioning is humming nicely throughout the day and best of all, there was no charge!

All and all, a mad rush but a fruitful day…

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