Saturday, February 16, 2008

My dvd marathon of Cashmere Mafia was rudely interrupted this evening by a loud knocking on the door. Hubby was not around and I was definitely not expecting anyone today. I peeped out my service balcony and saw my neighbour Sally knocking on another neighbour’s door. I called out to her to find out what was happening and she told me..”fire.. fire on the 11th floor”.. I was like “what?!!”… and she said “get ready to leave!”

OMG! Why is this happening at a time when hubby’s not at home.?! I immediately changed and went out to meet her. She told me that the lift lobby was on fire at the 11th floor. Mind you, I am on the 10th floor. I asked her if the fire department had been called and she said her hubby already called them. I asked her for specific details and she said all she knew was that the fire might be in the lift or outside at the 11th floor lobby.

Lots of things went thru my mind. If we need to evacuate, what about my kitties? I got six of them and there is simply no way I can carry them all alone. Even if I can carry two at a time, I can’t go up and down the staircase three times! I called hubby immediately and he told me to get all our important documents ready, to be prepared and he was coming home!

After getting ready, I waited at our balcony for the fire brigade but did not see any come at all. There also wasn’t any smoke or anything so I got curious as to what was happening. I grabbed my keys and went to our lift lobby….. nothing .. all quiet … so I went up to the 11th storey and as I approached the landing, I saw white residue on the floor, you know like the residue from the fire extinguisher. I peeped through the door and indeed saw the burnt control panel. Lights covering was also on the flooring. But on the whole it was not that bad. I guess we won’t have any lift service for a few days but there was no deadly fire to escape from.

I relaxed, went back to my apartment and called my hubby to let him know everything was fine. Nothing to worry about and he didn’t have to rush home.

Wow, what a frightening evening. Now, I’m really wondering what I would have done should there really be an evacuation. Hmmm…

Any suggestion??…

PS: GP! Cashmere Mafia darn syiok… Thanks for suggesting me to watch it.. Muahss!!

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