Thursday, February 07, 2008

Before I started drinking that darn coffee, I was a true blue tea drinker. I probably got the habit coz my late father loved to drink tea. It was his staple drink and because of that we always had tea in the house. In fact, I was the designated tea maker.

I remember when I was in junior college, how I always had tea and cookies or cream puff ready for my parents when they come home from the stall. It was sort of our high tea moments. We were probably making the Tea Company rich with all that tea drinking in the household. Lolz. Gosh, I even had tea in my tumbler for school.
tabolic rate and boost your energy level. That is why you see this product being used in lots of weight loss and toning products. Studies have even shown that you can even lower your cholesterol levels just by drinking this wonderful beverage.

If I recalled correctly I read somewhere that green tea also helps with Gingivitis which is a condition where the gums recede back of the teeth and bleed. Drinking green tea actually helps by blocking the growth of bacteria in our mouth which is causing this medical condition.

Among all the different blended tea, for me, the hardest tea to swallow would be green tea but nowadays with them being infused with flavors such as Earl Grey and berries, they are a delight to drink. I always have mine with sugar or honey however, coz I can never really take black tea. It’s a taste to be acquired I guess and I’ve never acquired it.

Tea has always been a comfort drink for me. I have it in different flavor for different moods and moments and it will always have a special place on my palate.

Have a cup with me??…

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