Monday, March 31, 2008

I love riding on the motorbike. It is the greatest feeling not having to wait in traffic jams but sometimes, these riders can really get on your nerves I tell you. They completely leave their safety in other people’s hand. By that I mean they totally expect people to slow down for them, to give way to them, even when it is so obvious we have the right of way. One thing my hubby told me that makes sense is probably that these people never drive a car before so they don’t understand what on earth are “blind-spots”!

Anyway, we were in our car today (it was pretty dark outside and we did not want to be caught in the rain), when this guy, on a motorcycle of course, just came out of nowhere and you know what he was doing? He was “bottom-uping” from a can of drink while merging into traffic. I guess he must have eyes on his neck or something. We literally got to stop to make sure where he was going before we made our own move. Crazy moron! Can you imagine if he encountered a driver that was not paying a 100% attention to the road??

Still taking a deepppp breath…

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I’ve always believed in skin care. Even though I have basically a clear complexion, a proper skin care regime has always been of the utmost importance to me as I know I will freak out at the first sign of acne. Call me vain but this is the only skin I’ve got and if I don’t take care of it, who would?

However, there are people out there who are not as lucky as me. By that I mean, having sensitive and problem skin like teenage acne or even adult ones and needing some form of acne treatment at one point or another. Having the right treatment early on will definitely help to suppress the situation and finding the right product will help you to curb any outbreak in the future.

So love your skin, take care of it and do whatever you have to keep it lovely. After all it’s the only skin you’ve got.


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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Six years ago today…

A love so fair, A dream come true, A couple shares ,what they are destined to do

He takes her hand, to have and to hold,
Their hearts embrace, and never let go…

A touch so pure, A smile so real
She closes her eyes, so she may feel

The love of one man, The love of her life
They join as one, as Man and Wife…

~ Gretchen Gould

Happy Anniversary dearest GP and B. InsyAllah hingga ke akhir hayat…


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Remember the cruise I was asking you guys about? Well if you ever want to book a Holland America cruise you can check out this site that I found while surfing yesterday. TravelStore allows you to book your cruise with one of their travel experts who will assist you to arrange for the holiday package you so desire. All you need to do is choose one from the many travel experts available, let them them know what kind of vacation you are dreaming off, fill out your contact particulars and he or she would contact you at your earliest convenience.

Or if you are the DIY kind of person and would like to see the packages available right off, the site also offers you their cruise listing which gives you the ship’s name, the places they go, the dates available and the days that your actually going to be “crusing”.

So if a cruise is your dream holiday, this site is the site to check out ok…

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I woke up today to darkness. I thought at first it was still early and not yet daylight. I looked at the alarm clock. It had 9:00 displayed. Ok, I thought something is definitely wrong. How can it be 9AM and be this dark. I saw hubby next to me and so that made everything ok somehow :)… Then as I stared at him to focus (I mentioned I was blind as bat without my glasses right?), he woke up and smiled. I told him it was already nine and he said “OK”..

I asked him as to why it was still so dark and he looked confused a while and then he said..

it’s 9 PM love, off course it’s dark”….

LOL! I forgot!! We actually slept at noon today (yes, another al-nighter).. and of course when we woke up it was STILL today!….hahahaha


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Friday, March 28, 2008

…we had a company like Dalworth Carpet Cleaners Dallas here in Malaysia.

If you’re read my warzone post you will know exactly the reason why I can’t have carpet. My kitties have free reign of the house and they roam freely anywhere they want to go, minus the bedroom coz of my asthma. Because of this, any number of accidents might happen and with a carpet in tow? No thank you. Now if there was a carpet cleaning company like Dalworth that provides not only carpet cleaning but pet odor removal as well, I may change my mind.

Like I said before.. TGIF! Have a good weekend everyone :)


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We only slept like at 7am this morning and I awoke at around 12noon anticipating to go to hubby’s company secretarial office for him and his partner to sign off papers on this year’s audit. Well that didn’t happen as there was still some documents that was not ready.

But what did happen was the shock of my life when I woke up to a warzone. A warzone of sh*t! I know I should have taken picture but I was so engrossed in looking for the source and cleaning up the mess that I forgot. Check out my kitties blog to know what the fuss is all about.

Wow.. really a TGIF moment!


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One thing I love about living in Malaysia is the ease to get prescription medicine at any pharmacy. If you are a Singaporean, you know what I mean right? Can you imagine that in order for me to purchase my Ventolin Inhaler or Seretide Accuhaler in Singapore, I got to get it either at my doctor’s or I need a prescription from the doctor to buy it at any pharmacy. Can you imagine if I was outside, forgotten to bring along my ventolin inhaler, got an asthma attack and instead of being able to just buy the inhaler at any pharmacy, get the puff and I’ll be alright, I probably have to go to the hospital instead and waste precious time while doing that?

Here in Malaysia, I just go to say Pharmacy A, tell them what I want and pay at the counter. No mess, no fuss. I even buy my mom’s Seretide Accuhaler (another asthma medicine) here in Malaysia and bring it back to SG when I return. It is even cheaper here.

But you know what would be more perfect? It would have to be if I could buy those medicines online just like the way some lucky people are able to buy prescription drugs in MagicxPharmacy. All they need to do is select their item and after filling up a short questionnaire, submit their order of say mircette and alesse online. A reputable physician on their side would review the order and issue a prescription. Their licensed pharmacy would then dispense the order the next day and deliver it to them via fedex right to their doorstep. The best thing is they are even opened 24/7!

Ah.. the world of internet eh…what would we do without them.


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don’t know about you but I think the most important room in the home is my kitchen. I love to cook and bake and so my kitchen got to be of a certain size, not too big nor too small. I remember when I had such a big kitchen that I ended up tired because I needed to walk so much just to get some stuff from out of the fridge. Then there was that kitchen that was so small I had no desktop area at all to work on. My washing machine had to be converted to a working top!

My dream kitchen also got to be equipped with all the necessary appliances and ample desk top area. I long to have my own little island, you know that thing that sits in the middle of the kitchen, like the one in the picture? Anyway, my current kitchen here is mediocre seeing that we live in a rented unit but nonetheless I try to make do and it is now a very comfortable kitchen to work in.

So, I am always looking out for designs and ideas to make my own kitchen one day the dream kitchen I’ve always wanted. I found some good tips and advice from directbuy articles on kitchen remodeling. It gives you tips on how to improve kitchen appeal, guide to picking counter tops and even lighting choices. Awesome site to check out for other articles on home designs as well.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my dream kitchen… lovely ain’t it? Look even Miss Fly is already there…lol!!


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ok, you guys know how I enjoy blogging with Miss Fly in front of the television in the living room right. I mean it’s the best coz I can enjoy the best of both worlds – the world of blogging and the world of entertainment. However, it is not so “best” for my back though and my poor back is screaming for some attention coz of my bad posture while I’m typing. Imagine me on my sofa and slouching forward to type on Miss Fly who (opps I’m thinking of her as a person, is on the coffee table. Not so good for the posture right?.. I can’t be sitting on the floor as well coz it hurts when I fold my legs too long.

So I am now thinking of solutions for this problem. I don’t want to buy any more furniture now that we are moving and I can’t move the tv set to my home office. That’s just not too practical, and besides there’s simply too much office furniture in there already. So the next best thing that I did? Well I bought me an external keyboard! That way I can lean on my sofa, put my external keyboard on my lap and type away…hehehe.. am I one smart cookie or what??!! Lolzz!! AND, I hope to extend the life of Miss Fly’s keyboard as well. At the rate I am typing, the keyboard gonna be a goner in a few months time and to replace that would cost me a bomb!

Anyway, since we are chatting about furniture and good sitting habits, I’ve stumbled upon this site that carries a range of office chairs. You can choose from their economically priced Tabitha, Quasar II and Tirol models. I especially love their Stealth Mesh range as I’ve saw and sat on one before and let me tell you, it fitted me like a glove. It was so comfortable to sit and work in. To proof how durable these chairs are, as they are placed under rigorous testing program, there’s even a eight years guarantee on them. The site also features some office storage that are, again, very economically priced.

Need CAD planning service? Just fax them your office plan with furniture you think you might want to have and they send you back a professional office layout absolutely FREE!

Hmm..definitely a site to bookmark!


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How apt that I was tagged by Farah today to list down my recent ten things that made me happy. So off we go…

  1. It’s my 8th year wedding anniversary TODAY!!!
  2. My health. I made a 100% recovery from my fibroid surgery
  3. Going back to Singapore earlier this month to visit my mommy and getting to eat all those delicious meal she prepared
  4. Nandos Delivers
  5. This blog was accepted into another paid post program
  6. Making more new friends online from blogging
  7. Bought Miss Fly with my online earnings
  8. I got the long awaited photograph from my CNC club ladies
  9. Satisfying my cheesecake cravings
  10. Hubby’s business thriving

And…. as a special treat… here’s a picture from our wedding day…

I’m not tagging anyone this time but feel free to tag yourself if you feel like sharing ok..;)


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If I ever become a landlord one day, the apartments units or houses that I would offer for rental would all be of the Bucknell Apartment standards. Their slogan says it all: “Even Rentals Should Feel Like Home” and how I agree to that. The rentals that I’ve been in, although I would say are not slums, the owner, I believe, could have made it more comfortable for all their tenants, like installing kitchen cabinets for one, water heater or even additional power points!

All Bucknell apartments offers chef kitchen (check out their picture), beautiful wood floor, Kohler fixtures, in-unit laundry facilities and energy savings design. Awesome right?!

Ahh.. My Dream Rental!!


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Monday, March 24, 2008

Filing income tax returns are getting easier and easier these days. As a Singaporean, I am suppose to file my return even though I am away from Singapore and not earning anything. In other words, even if all my entries are “zero” it is mandatory that I still file my return by 15 April every year.

Thank goodness for online filing.. so it’s not that big of a hassle. In fact, I had mine done in less than 10minutes. I guess it’s also because it’s still considered early, which is fine by me coz I want to avoid the congested line nearer the date.

Anyway, here’s a reminder for all you Singaporeans out there. Get that income tax return soon and do it online as it is so convenient. All you need to do is sign in with your singpass and you’re off!


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Sunday, March 23, 2008

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that earlier in the week I had a craving for cheesecake. Well since then, I had two trips to the bakery and if I had my way, there would definitely be a third very soon in the future.

I found the best way to fight any addiction with me is to give me what I want till I get tired of it myself. That would be the best form of addiction treatment. The more you stop me from having it, whatever IT may be, I will crave for it more, making the craving longer and harder to end. So just give me what I want and the cravings would go away in due time…lol… just a tip on how to handle good ol’ LJ :)


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Saturday, March 22, 2008

I’ve been so bad at tags lately that is really making me feel guilty so that being said, let me do this one coz it is simply too simple to NOT do..hehehe…. Shemah tagged me with it yesterday and since it is in conjunction with International Earth Day a couple of days back, I reckon I better don’t delay any longer. All you need to do is include the pic, link it to the homepage and tag people to do the same.

Site number 1:

Just click. No donations needed. ONE CLICK! A click a day keeps global warming at bay!

Site number 2:

This site lets you play a game like Trivial Pursuit as it tests you on your general knowledge. And for every correct answer, you’ll be one step closer to helping save a tree! It’s pretty addictive too.. So, go ahead.. give it a go! Do your part!

Now I’m tagging……

  1. Farah
  2. GP
  3. Trinity
  4. Natrah
  5. Noushy

Now that I’ve done my value-add for the day, time for my massage therapy. Oh hubby!!

Have a great weekend peeps…

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Last week when I was over at Low Yatt Plaza, I was looking through the different “tools” that are available nowadays in the market for the typical PC user. I saw a KVM switch that would enable you to control two, three or even four pcs with using just one keyboard and one mouse. The pc can run concurrently and each is running as a separate entity. Isn’t that awesome? You can really save on the desktop space. I also saw a multitude of different cables for different purposes like the fiber cable, the network cable and the converter cable.

On the shelves were also many gadgets for Miss Fly that are “cute” like the foldable keyboard which I totally fell in love with and the various laptop skin that can totally change the look of any laptop. Too bad I did not have Miss Fly with me otherwise I was so gonna get that red and black abstract skin. Next time lah…..In the meantime, I’ll just stick to the original skin Miss Fly is in ;)


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Friday, March 21, 2008

Recently I’ve seen a lot of my blogger friends have started putting up a Scratchback widget. The program is basically working as middleman for donation or putting it in their terms “tipping”. In exchange, tippers are given a “top spot” for a certain duration or until they are bumped out by other tippers.

The concept is good and it sounds like fun so go ahead and have one if you like at your blog.

However, just keeping your options open, I would like to show you another way to get “donation”. I’m really not sure if readers actually donate but it’s kind of cool to have and who knows, some kind soul out there might just have struck lottery and happened to like what they read in your blog and donate right?

Anyway.. GP has given me the link to website, but she needed some help with implementing it. so GP dearie.. this is for you and anyone who might be interested in this kind of tool for their blog :)

  1. Always do a backup of your template first.
  2. Then copy this script into your notepad or any software you use to copy and paste. Make sure you “select all” and copy.
  3. Now look at the script and change “youremailaddress” to your own paypal id.
  4. To make your donation code stand out from the rest of your “footer” please use the “add space code” which looks like this at the end of the donation code.

  5. Now go to your blog Layout > edit html
  6. Click on the Expand Widget template
  7. Use your browser “Find” tools and locate the following line. Please bear in mind sometimes it may not be exactly the same so try a variety of search option like for instance instead of searching for the whole string, try searching for “footer” only

    post-footer-line post-footer-line-3

  8. Place the code you have copied under this line.
  9. Now preview your layout by clicking on your Preview button
  10. If you like the location, save it. If you don’t try putting it under the following. For mine , I’ve placed the code under footer-line-1

    post-footer-line post-footer-line-1

    post-footer-line post-footer-line-2

  11. Preview and save if you are happy with the location.

You may noticed that the icon you get with this is a beer mug. If you are unhappy with this, you can replace it with any picture you like. Just host your picture somewhere like photobucket or even your googlepages, get the link and change ONLY this line to your new url.

Please make sure you do not accidentally overlapped any other text. This is very important or your code might not work.

Another note on paypal,. please make sure you use your premier account for donation as the fee is smaller. For other transaction, use your personal account. For more information on the difference between personal and premier paypal account, please visit my other blog.

I hope this short tutorial has helped you understand this tool better.. and if you like this post and want to show LJ some love… buy me coffee lah…lolzzz!!

In the meantime I’ll just wait on my zero gravity recliner for your comments and if someone need any help.


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It was 5.30am and both me and hubby were still wide awake. In fact we just had a very early breakfast of hotdog in a bun. What a breakfast eh? Anyway, I was in my bedroom getting ready for my prayers when I heard shouts coming from downstairs. I thought “Not Again!” and then I heard “Tolong! Tolong” (help! help!) and then whistles.. I quickly peeped out my window and I saw these two guys struggling or fighting with another guy. When the security guards from our building started using their whistles, the two guys ran off. The security guards handed some wipes to the victim and walked with him back to the security station.

Then this morning, we found out from the guards downstairs that it was robbery attempt. The victim, who was in a white long sleeved shirt was walking towards the bus-stop using the park and these two guys attacked him hoping it was a snatch and run kinda thing but the the victim fought back.. and hence the cry for help.

Wah what an adventure eh?!.. I love my condo apartment! ….Lolzz!


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I want to form a club.. I have one in Singapore and now I want one in I’m gonna call it LadyJava’s Midnight Club. It is open to all but primarily targetted to those whose life actually start after midnight and by that I mean blogging and bloghopping peeps..lolzz…Right not it’s still just in my brain but I thought a club need a name, I got that, and need a logo. What do think of this?


I chose this particular symbol because the moon reflect this club having an after midnight concept for the late sleeper or early riser. We are all stars in our own right so the stars come into play. How’s that for!

I was too lazy today to start from scratch and I wanted an easy tool to help me get the logo going so I used an online logo design site that is so easy and so convenient to use over at Logo Creator. All in all it is a six steps process. They are so many symbols to choose from that you are really spoilt for choice. It covers all industry symbols so you’re sure to find something that match your concept. The editing tools allow you to enlarge, flip and rotate anything you wanted. I did mine in less than 5 minutes and the quality is superb. The site is offering a free demo right now so you can create and then just do a screen capture of your sparkling new logo. Cool right?

Anyway, back to my club, anyone interested to join??….heh

Oh by the way, to those who are celebrating Good Friday… “Happy Good Friday” friends :)


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

You know my story on the guy who was possessed the other day? Well yesterday, we heard loud noises down at the playground. Hubby looked out the balcony once again to see what the commotion was all about. This time he was all ready to go downstairs should it be a similar incident.

However, it was some drunks sitting around in the dark, making lots of noises and singing at the top of their lungs. They must think they are on American Idol or something. I told hubby I hope the guards downstairs would call on the cops again and haul them all the police station for creating such commotion in the middle of night. Send them all to the alcohol rehab center or something. So irritating!

Still cheerful though..

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Never have I been invited to so many events in one month. It must be because of the school holidays both in Singapore and Malaysia. If it is not wedding invitations, it is birthday invitations. If it is not those, then it’s a barbeque or a “kenduri”.

I guess it shows people love me and want me to share in their happy events and for that I am grateful. Too bad I can’t attend those events in Singapore though. That would have been fun too.

Here’s to all the happy occassion!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh my, the packing has started. I’ve decided to start with my dressing room first simple because that also serve as my storage area. Somehow I was not surprised to see lots of unused stuff there like extra bedding sets , cushion covers and pillows. I even have my appliances there like oven toasters and deep fryers! I guess it’s good to start slow as I build momentum towards the more pressing rooms like the study! The funny thing is we have not even decided when we’re gonna move…lolzz!


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Yesterday, at around 11pm, I was watching tv and blogging on Miss Fly in the living room. Hubby was inside the study doing some research on some real estate issues for his father. Then suddenly, there was a loud scream coming from the balcony area downstairs. Our balcony faces a playground and at night it’s not lighted but you know there are a lot of youngsters that like to hang out there.

Anyway, af first we thought it sounded like a kid screaming. but then it got louder and more often. Hubby looked out the balcony and saw (it was not pitch dark last night) a man lying on the ground. He was screaming and his friends was like holding him down. Hubby immediately knew that the man must have been possessed coz he was like screaming “Sapa Kau?!” or “Who are you?” to the people holding him down. See how loud he was screaming, we could practically hear what’s going on down there.

Our building security must have called the cops because they arrived after 30 minutes or so and helped disperse the crowd that was forming. Some more people came and the man was carried to a house close by (he must be living nearby). We heard his screaming till 3am and then suddenly there’s silence. Hubby figured someone must have managed to help the man or something.

We only managed to go to sleep after the guy became quiet. Wow so scary eh.. and I hope he’s ok!


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Edited: This plugin does not work with Firefox 3.

Wow people I’m on a roll. I just found another great tool. This one is great if you a paid postie and needed to make sure you had the right number of words for your entry post.

I used to open my word application, copy and paste my post and click on the word count tool. Then I found a simpler online tool that does the same thing. Then yesterday I sort of decided to see if there was any other tool to make my life easier and after some unsuccessful search, I finally found the perfect one.

It is actually a firefox extension, which means you need to be on or get a firefox web browser. Then go to this site and install the file into your system. Restart your firefox and you are all set!

Now all you need to do is right click on the text area you want to do your word count and there it is!…like this..


Posted by LadyJava On Tuesday, March 18, 2008 No comments READ FULL POST ex-boss is also a great fan of the sport. Everytime he goes off for a VP Partner meeting in California, he always made sure I put aside a whole day so that he can play golf. He told me he love the california golf courses and as such he would even add another day to his trip if he did not manage to squeeze some time to indulge in the sport.

Lucky for me, there are sites like American Golf dot com that allows me book tee-off time online at 60 golf courses nationwide. Makes my job a whole lot easier!


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Monday, March 17, 2008

I found this “Blog Archive Calendar” code while surfing last week and this was exactly what I wanted. Call me a wordpress freak but I just love the features or plugin they have and if I found some fantastic soul out there that can do the same for blogspot..well.. I’m gonna be a fan.

This procedure is not as simple as the Top Commenter widget but if you follow the simple instructions, you’ll get it right the first time, I assure you. It involves you inserting some codes in your html layout. This is what you see after you set it up.

Make sure you check out the Calendar Style to get the best layout for your blog. The wonderful thing about this calendar is dates with entry post on them would be highlighted and the title of the entry would be display as well. Makes looking for your entries sooo much easier.

That’s it people.. Have fun!!!

PS1: Just click on Fun Blogging Tutorials for more tips.
PS:2 Like my find, buy me coffee ok :)


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Tee-off time, par, handicap, birdie, eagle. All terms foreign to me until I made friends with one Malaysia chatter a long time ago. He taught me everything I needed to know about golf. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but at least I know what I am looking at it if I ever watch a golf tournament. This guy has won lots of games that was organised by his company. It was a passion to him and he enjoyed it so much that I became interested in the sport just by listening him talk about it.

Then a month back, we chatted again and he did a 180 degrees turn in a way that really shocked me. He totally hates golf now. He even has given away his Cobra golf clubs. When asked about it, he said now, in his new job, he is expected to conduct business on the golf course and he totally hates it. It is no longer a hobby now but more of a job. And he cringe at the thought everytime he needed to play golf again. Poor guy, he now needs to find another hobby he said.

I hope this will never happen to me. It would be so sad if something I like to do, blogging for instance, turn out to be a chore one day.. Oh well.. I’ll cross that bridge if that ever happens I guess! Has this ever happened to you before?

Have a great week ahead friends…

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My blog buddy, Farah, is going to Bandung tomorrow for a short holiday and what fun she’s gonna have shopping, sightseeing and eating at Bandung hot tourist place. Trin has suggested a variety of places for her to go to and Farah has even printed out the locations..lolzz.. Farah. make sure you wear flats for the sightseeing and the loose pants for all the food you gonna eat ok! eheheheh.. and bring back loads of pictures for us to see!

Speaking of holiday, I’ve often wonder what it would be like to go on a cruise. There are so many cruises nowadays leaving from Singapore that I can’t help but wonder what is it going to be like. I mean I saw shows like “The Love Boat” (boy I feel so old and retro).. and unless you like the water, what other things can you do right on board right. Anyone been on a cruise before?? Care to share your experience?

In the meantime, I’ll just sing part of the theme song of “The Love Boat”…


The Love Boat..promises something for everyone..
Set a coast for adventure, your mind on a new romance…
And Love… wont hurt anymore.. it’s an open smile… on a friendly shore.
It’s love….. welcome aboard it’s looooveeeee….

Hehehe… I feel soooo old!!!


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I don’t know why but I just love storage space. I am a very organized person so everything at my home at it’s own storage area. I love compartments and you can find little little boxes that I store my trinkets in. I was at my mom’s house one day and I was rummaging through her drawer to look for something and I ended up organizing that drawer with containers and boxes. And I am happy to see that still used my system..lolzz!

So you can see why a room full of cabinets like this one, available at directbuy, can make me smile from ear to ear.

And lucky for me, the apartment that we are moving in to eventually would have lots of cabinets as well! I made sure of that!….lolzzz :)


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nat commented on my 9.30pm cheesecake snack and how she said she hoped that this kind of cravings only happens once a month and I read that comment to hubs and you know what he said..”once a year!”….lolzzz! So yeah Nat.. it doesn’t happen all the time only sometimes and in fact I can feel the stomach bulging already…lolzzz

Seriously though, I don’t want to bore my readers with my thoughts on diets and losing body fat but I really need to tone up. Hubby commented yesterday, when I was in shorts and tees and said jokingly (I think) that I was “spreading”….. Arghhhh!!! I need to get me a fitness equipment fast. Or get to that gym next door to hubs office already! I would love to put up a picture of before and after then…lolzzz.. Anyways…

Have a great weekend people.. Looks like another wet one ahead of us :)


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Friday, March 14, 2008

Yesterday’s craving of cheesecake is now fulfilled. At around 9.30pm last night, hubby and me took a short motorbike to MaxValue, a supermarket subsidiary of Jaya Jusco located nearby our house. It was too late for Secret Recipe lah GP and Farah, but thanks for the suggestion.

And guess what, we got not just cheesecake from their bakery, we even got sushi at 50% discount coz they were closing for the day! Awesome.. so we got RM22 worth of sushi for Rm11! Here’s some eye candy for you guys.. yummy!!!


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