Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ok, you guys know how I enjoy blogging with Miss Fly in front of the television in the living room right. I mean it’s the best coz I can enjoy the best of both worlds – the world of blogging and the world of entertainment. However, it is not so “best” for my back though and my poor back is screaming for some attention coz of my bad posture while I’m typing. Imagine me on my sofa and slouching forward to type on Miss Fly who (opps I’m thinking of her as a person, is on the coffee table. Not so good for the posture right?.. I can’t be sitting on the floor as well coz it hurts when I fold my legs too long.

So I am now thinking of solutions for this problem. I don’t want to buy any more furniture now that we are moving and I can’t move the tv set to my home office. That’s just not too practical, and besides there’s simply too much office furniture in there already. So the next best thing that I did? Well I bought me an external keyboard! That way I can lean on my sofa, put my external keyboard on my lap and type away…hehehe.. am I one smart cookie or what??!! Lolzz!! AND, I hope to extend the life of Miss Fly’s keyboard as well. At the rate I am typing, the keyboard gonna be a goner in a few months time and to replace that would cost me a bomb!

Anyway, since we are chatting about furniture and good sitting habits, I’ve stumbled upon this site that carries a range of office chairs. You can choose from their economically priced Tabitha, Quasar II and Tirol models. I especially love their Stealth Mesh range as I’ve saw and sat on one before and let me tell you, it fitted me like a glove. It was so comfortable to sit and work in. To proof how durable these chairs are, as they are placed under rigorous testing program, there’s even a eight years guarantee on them. The site also features some office storage that are, again, very economically priced.

Need CAD planning service? Just fax them your office plan with furniture you think you might want to have and they send you back a professional office layout absolutely FREE!

Hmm..definitely a site to bookmark!


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