Sunday, March 02, 2008

We just got news tonight that our friend, AS, my hubby’s business partner, father just passed away today at 8pm at IJN.

It came as a shock as just yesterday he was telling us how his father’s situation has improved and that he was no longer hooked up to any life support machine. Then today at around 7pm when hubby called him to confirm an appointment for tomorrow, he sounded rushed and he told us he had to go to the hospital as his father’s condition had worsen.

Then we got the news at 10pm that his father had passed on.

It happened all too suddenly, one minute his father was fine and then the next he was admitted to the hospital for a bypass at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. After the surgery, his situation got worse when they found liquid in his lungs and his kidney stopped functioning. The family moved him to IJN after APSH stated that they did not have the proper equipment for this situation. Once at IJN, his condition fluctuate between good and bad. He was in and out of coma until yesterday when AS told us how his father’s situation has improved.

Then IT happened…

Our condolence to AS and his family. Our prayers are with you. Ameen.

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