Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter was always a big deal at my workplace back in Singapore. My boss, an American, would always host this big Easter party for all the kids of the other partners and the employees, and being his assistant, basically means, I’m the organiser!..lolzz.. but such fun it was too.. I absolutely love organising events and function and this was especially fun as it was for the kids and I can get as crazy as I wanted to. I would get costume for them and I always make sure my boss would dress up as a rabbit no matter how hot it got for him…lolzzzz…

Sometimes some items and toys that my boss would request for the party were not easily found in Singapore. That is when I shop online and I always try to get online shopping coupons to minimize cost. Sites like Coupon Chief for example offers fantastic discounts from companies like Toy R Us and KB Toys.

Ahhh.. those were the days…


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