Monday, March 17, 2008

Tee-off time, par, handicap, birdie, eagle. All terms foreign to me until I made friends with one Malaysia chatter a long time ago. He taught me everything I needed to know about golf. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but at least I know what I am looking at it if I ever watch a golf tournament. This guy has won lots of games that was organised by his company. It was a passion to him and he enjoyed it so much that I became interested in the sport just by listening him talk about it.

Then a month back, we chatted again and he did a 180 degrees turn in a way that really shocked me. He totally hates golf now. He even has given away his Cobra golf clubs. When asked about it, he said now, in his new job, he is expected to conduct business on the golf course and he totally hates it. It is no longer a hobby now but more of a job. And he cringe at the thought everytime he needed to play golf again. Poor guy, he now needs to find another hobby he said.

I hope this will never happen to me. It would be so sad if something I like to do, blogging for instance, turn out to be a chore one day.. Oh well.. I’ll cross that bridge if that ever happens I guess! Has this ever happened to you before?

Have a great week ahead friends…

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