Friday, March 21, 2008

Recently I’ve seen a lot of my blogger friends have started putting up a Scratchback widget. The program is basically working as middleman for donation or putting it in their terms “tipping”. In exchange, tippers are given a “top spot” for a certain duration or until they are bumped out by other tippers.

The concept is good and it sounds like fun so go ahead and have one if you like at your blog.

However, just keeping your options open, I would like to show you another way to get “donation”. I’m really not sure if readers actually donate but it’s kind of cool to have and who knows, some kind soul out there might just have struck lottery and happened to like what they read in your blog and donate right?

Anyway.. GP has given me the link to website, but she needed some help with implementing it. so GP dearie.. this is for you and anyone who might be interested in this kind of tool for their blog :)

  1. Always do a backup of your template first.
  2. Then copy this script into your notepad or any software you use to copy and paste. Make sure you “select all” and copy.
  3. Now look at the script and change “youremailaddress” to your own paypal id.
  4. To make your donation code stand out from the rest of your “footer” please use the “add space code” which looks like this at the end of the donation code.

  5. Now go to your blog Layout > edit html
  6. Click on the Expand Widget template
  7. Use your browser “Find” tools and locate the following line. Please bear in mind sometimes it may not be exactly the same so try a variety of search option like for instance instead of searching for the whole string, try searching for “footer” only

    post-footer-line post-footer-line-3

  8. Place the code you have copied under this line.
  9. Now preview your layout by clicking on your Preview button
  10. If you like the location, save it. If you don’t try putting it under the following. For mine , I’ve placed the code under footer-line-1

    post-footer-line post-footer-line-1

    post-footer-line post-footer-line-2

  11. Preview and save if you are happy with the location.

You may noticed that the icon you get with this is a beer mug. If you are unhappy with this, you can replace it with any picture you like. Just host your picture somewhere like photobucket or even your googlepages, get the link and change ONLY this line to your new url.

Please make sure you do not accidentally overlapped any other text. This is very important or your code might not work.

Another note on paypal,. please make sure you use your premier account for donation as the fee is smaller. For other transaction, use your personal account. For more information on the difference between personal and premier paypal account, please visit my other blog.

I hope this short tutorial has helped you understand this tool better.. and if you like this post and want to show LJ some love… buy me coffee lah…lolzzz!!

In the meantime I’ll just wait on my zero gravity recliner for your comments and if someone need any help.


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