Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don’t know about you but I think the most important room in the home is my kitchen. I love to cook and bake and so my kitchen got to be of a certain size, not too big nor too small. I remember when I had such a big kitchen that I ended up tired because I needed to walk so much just to get some stuff from out of the fridge. Then there was that kitchen that was so small I had no desktop area at all to work on. My washing machine had to be converted to a working top!

My dream kitchen also got to be equipped with all the necessary appliances and ample desk top area. I long to have my own little island, you know that thing that sits in the middle of the kitchen, like the one in the picture? Anyway, my current kitchen here is mediocre seeing that we live in a rented unit but nonetheless I try to make do and it is now a very comfortable kitchen to work in.

So, I am always looking out for designs and ideas to make my own kitchen one day the dream kitchen I’ve always wanted. I found some good tips and advice from directbuy articles on kitchen remodeling. It gives you tips on how to improve kitchen appeal, guide to picking counter tops and even lighting choices. Awesome site to check out for other articles on home designs as well.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my dream kitchen… lovely ain’t it? Look even Miss Fly is already there…lol!!


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