Friday, March 21, 2008

I want to form a club.. I have one in Singapore and now I want one in I’m gonna call it LadyJava’s Midnight Club. It is open to all but primarily targetted to those whose life actually start after midnight and by that I mean blogging and bloghopping peeps..lolzz…Right not it’s still just in my brain but I thought a club need a name, I got that, and need a logo. What do think of this?


I chose this particular symbol because the moon reflect this club having an after midnight concept for the late sleeper or early riser. We are all stars in our own right so the stars come into play. How’s that for!

I was too lazy today to start from scratch and I wanted an easy tool to help me get the logo going so I used an online logo design site that is so easy and so convenient to use over at Logo Creator. All in all it is a six steps process. They are so many symbols to choose from that you are really spoilt for choice. It covers all industry symbols so you’re sure to find something that match your concept. The editing tools allow you to enlarge, flip and rotate anything you wanted. I did mine in less than 5 minutes and the quality is superb. The site is offering a free demo right now so you can create and then just do a screen capture of your sparkling new logo. Cool right?

Anyway, back to my club, anyone interested to join??….heh

Oh by the way, to those who are celebrating Good Friday… “Happy Good Friday” friends :)


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