Friday, March 28, 2008

One thing I love about living in Malaysia is the ease to get prescription medicine at any pharmacy. If you are a Singaporean, you know what I mean right? Can you imagine that in order for me to purchase my Ventolin Inhaler or Seretide Accuhaler in Singapore, I got to get it either at my doctor’s or I need a prescription from the doctor to buy it at any pharmacy. Can you imagine if I was outside, forgotten to bring along my ventolin inhaler, got an asthma attack and instead of being able to just buy the inhaler at any pharmacy, get the puff and I’ll be alright, I probably have to go to the hospital instead and waste precious time while doing that?

Here in Malaysia, I just go to say Pharmacy A, tell them what I want and pay at the counter. No mess, no fuss. I even buy my mom’s Seretide Accuhaler (another asthma medicine) here in Malaysia and bring it back to SG when I return. It is even cheaper here.

But you know what would be more perfect? It would have to be if I could buy those medicines online just like the way some lucky people are able to buy prescription drugs in MagicxPharmacy. All they need to do is select their item and after filling up a short questionnaire, submit their order of say mircette and alesse online. A reputable physician on their side would review the order and issue a prescription. Their licensed pharmacy would then dispense the order the next day and deliver it to them via fedex right to their doorstep. The best thing is they are even opened 24/7!

Ah.. the world of internet eh…what would we do without them.


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