Friday, March 14, 2008

When I was living in Singapore, throughout my thirty one years, I only moved three times. The first was when I was 6yrs old, to our first HDB apartment, the second when I was twenty eight to a larger apartment and the last one when I was thirty one to a smaller apartment that I bought for my mom to stay in when I got married and moved to Malaysia.

Ever since I got married, I moved like four times in eight years! Wow! Now it seems we are moving AGAIN! I have grown to such an expert in packing that I can just look the box and tell whether the stuff would fit in there or not.

So now, we are actively looking for boxes and moving companies. We actually prefer the one we had on the second move as they were very professional. W had to use another company on the third move as they were not available for private move anymore. They are more into international move sort of thing.

How I wish we have the services of Relocation dot com. This website provides listing of licensed movers and provide a quotation for all states depending on the size and distance of your move. Makes life really easy don’t you think? Oh they also provide shipping quotes for your car. International move quotation are also available.


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