Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ok actually this entry is about my birthday but it’s kinda late so I did not want to use “Birthday” as my title.. so let’s just call it MY DAY ok :)

Anyway, my day actually started very early like 12 midnight on 9th March. After all of hubby’s romantic whispering.. he proceeded to give me my whole body massage. After that we did a movie marathon. Then we went for breakfast, I did a little blogging and then we went to bed at 10am.. lolzz!!! But not before I showered, he showered..lolzzz. (winking at Farah and Noushy)

We woke up around 4pm. After our prayers, we went in search of food. We did not have lunch so we were ravenous for food! We wanted to go to our favourite store but it was closed for the election I guess, coz the owner is Kelantanese. So instead we had dinner at another stall. Nothing special but it was sooo delicious that I had seconds! The menu was:

  1. Ikan Bawal Masak Pedas (Pomfret in Sambal Gravy)
  2. Kailan Ikan Masin (Kailan with salted fish)
  3. Sambal Belacan and some soup

Like hubby said “Menyepak!” or “Kicks”

And check out my “birthday cake”

hehe.. I decided I wanted more than one “cake”…lolzzz

As for the gift, well let’s just say I need a “R” rated blog to show it off..heheheh..paham2 jer lah eh…lolzz

Hope that fulfilled your curiosity coz that’s the only details you’re gonna get peeps…..


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